12 times North West was way cooler than you

Jun 16 2016 by
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Admit it, you wish you could dress like her.

  • 1/12
    When she was all smiles while playing with Penelope.
  • 2/12
    When she had a princess makeover at Disneyland.
  • 3/12
    When she sat front row at New York Fashion Week.
  • 4/12
    When Kim gave her the nickname “Balmain ballerina.”
  • 5/12
    When Kanye took her to tap dancing lessons.
  • 6/12
    When she wore her hair in french braids at Yeezy Season 3.
  • 7/12
    When she had to put down her phone for a second to spend quality time with Auntie Kendall.
  • 8/12
    When she paired a Thrasher T-shirt with a leopard print fur coat in New York City.
  • 9/12
    When she was like, totally over it.
  • 10/12
    When she took a break from the Calabasas sunshine and played in the snow.
  • 11/12
    When she tip-toed to ballet class in her cream coloured tutu.
  • 12/12
    When she wore mini mouse ears while playing in her walk-in closet.
Categories: Celebrity Style