12 throwback celebrity looks that would still be on-trend today

Aug 18 2016 by
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These ’90s celeb outfits are proof that fashion loves nostalgia.

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    What's old is new again – including iconic '90s fashion.
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    Kate Moss

    We could so see model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner borrowing this look from the iconic ’90s supermodel.
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    Angelina Jolie

    A crop top with high-waisted, frayed denim shorts is still our summer uniform.
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    Cindy Crawford

    Although we’d probably lose the tights and wide belt today, this look still makes us want to get our hands on Cindy’s letterman jacket.
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    We could so see Rihanna rocking this look on the next stop of her Anti tour.
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    Drew Barrymore

    A minimal black dress never goes out of style, and a pearl choker is still the perfect on-trend accessory.
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    Halle Berry

    We love Halle Berry in this timeless cherry red gown.
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    Gwyneth Paltrow

    If it weren’t for her ex Brad Pitt, we could almost mistake this for a 2016 red-carpet photo.
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    Jennifer Aniston

    A deep-V black gown with a jewelled choker— again, Brad Pitt is the only sign that this isn’t a modern day fashion win.
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    Julia Roberts

    Fashion’s current ’90s mood makes this look extra aspirational.
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    Mariah Carey

    High slits and midriff-baring crop tops are definitely not a thing of the past—just look at Gigi Hadid on any red carpet this year.
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    Claudia Schiffer & Naomi Campbell

    There’s something Balmain-esque about the stripes on Naomi’s dress.
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    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    A black midi-dress the Kardashian clan would approve of.
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