18 Iconic Oscars Fashion Looks

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The most iconic red carpet looks in Academy Awards history. 

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    Most iconic Oscar dress #18: Jennifer Lawrence

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2013
    Designer: Dior

    JLaw famously tripped over this Dior ball gown on her way to accept a Best Actress Oscar for Silver Livings Playbook. The dress then proceeded to break the Internet. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #17: Gwyneth Paltrow

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2002
    Designer: Alexander McQueen

    One year after her Shakespeare in Love win, and her memorable red carpet turn in the Ralph Lauren pink princess dress, Gwyneth Paltrow did a fashion 180, by wearing this gothic gown which she handpicked from McQueen's collection. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #16: Gwyneth Paltrow

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2012
    Designer: Tom Ford

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s chic white dress hit all the right notes on the red carpet (it was inspired by the ladylike Jackie Kennedy) and officially started the cape-dressing trend. (Hey, Lupita Nyong'o!) 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #15: Anne Hathaway

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 2013
    Designer: Prada

    Despite its satin-y pink shade and elegant cut, this was the dress everyone loved to hate. It's rumoured that the fashion mishap caused Anne Hathaway to fire her stylist Rachel Zoe in early 2014. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #14: Sharon Stone

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 1998
    Designer: Vera Wang + Gap

    Sharon Stone arrived at the 1998 Oscars wearing a purple Vera Wang evening skirt and Gap blouse. The look is touted for sparking the modern high/low trend. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #13: Uma Thurman

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2004
    Designer: Christian Lacroix

    For this dress, there are no words. Uma Thurman actually refers to this look as her most embarrassing moment—ever. Let us remind you of her 1995 purple Prada gown…now that was amazing! 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #12: Cate Blanchett

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 2011
    Designer: Givenchy

    Cate Blanchett solidified her avant-garde fashion chops after she sported this embellished lilac gown on the red carpet. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #11: Kerry Washington

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2013
    Designer: Miu Miu

    Kerry Washington looked fun and flirty on the red carpet in this coral dress with floral embellishment. The overall effect was fashion-forward, but playful; aspirational but approachable. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #9: Marion Cotillard

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2008
    Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier

    Marion's white mermaid gown became famous for two reasons: first, the dress was printed with real fish scales. Second, Jean Paul Gaultier followed her to fittings to accommodate the star’s busy schedule. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #10: Michelle Williams

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 2006
    Designer: Vera Wang

    Just three months after giving birth to daughter Matilda, Michelle Williams enchanted the fashion world in this lovely look. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #8: Sandra Bullock

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2010
    Designer: Marchesa

    In 2010, Sandra Bullock won both a Razzie for Worst Actress (for All About Steve) and an Oscar for Best Actress (for The Blind Side). This metallic column gown was definitely worthy of a gold statue.
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #7: Diane Keaton

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2004
    Designer: Ralph Lauren

    A master of boy-meets-girl style, Diane Keaton channeled her inner Annie Hall character on the 2004 Oscar red carpet. Bonus points for rocking menswear with no fear. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #6: Nicole Kidman

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 1997
    Designer: Christian Dior by John Galliano

    Nicole Kidman’s yellow Dior ensemble was the dress du jour for both the rising star and the designer—it was John Galliano's debut with the iconic fashion house. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #5: Mila Kunis

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2011
    Designer: Elie Saab

    Super soft and pretty, this lace lilac dress introduced Mila Kunis as a style star in the making. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #4: Halle Berry

    © ELLE Canada
    Year: 2002
    Designer: Elie Saab

    Halle Berry loved this sheer oxblood dress so much she wore a second Elie Saab gown to the 2003 Oscars. Who could blame her? The look was pure perfection. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #3: Julia Roberts

    © FilmMagic
    Year: 2001
    Designer: Valentino

    Julia Roberts chose this monochromatic masterpiece from the vintage Valentino archives. Why? The gown was inspired by the classic styles of Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor, two of Julia’s style heroes. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #2: Angelina Jolie

    © Getty Images
    Year: 2012
    Designer: Atelier Versace

    Angelina proved her red carpet chops were anything but stale in wearing a high-slit velvet gown to the Oscars. The dress garnered its own Twitter handle (@AngiesRightLeg) and 15,000+ followers. 
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    Most iconic Oscar dress #1: Bjork

    © FilmMagic
    Year: 2000
    Designer: Marjan Pejoski

    Simply referred to as the "swan dress," Icelandic singer Bjork's OTT gown remains one of the most talked about Oscar looks to ever strut across the red carpet. Today, it’s a cult classic, with DIY swan dress sewing kits available online. 
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