Catching Fire: Is this the most coveted sweater of the season?

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Katniss Everdeen in her now-famous one-shoulder sweater from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Image courtesy Lionsgate.

I saw the
Hunger Games: Catching Fire more than two weeks ago on the opening weekend—in its full Imax glory—and I am still thinking about the oatmeal-coloured one-shouldered cowl-neck sweater Katniss wore in the opening scene. I know I am not alone. Whether you agree with the staging of the movie’s climactic final scenes or not—it was a rare weak point for me—virtually everyone (okay, women) I’ve discussed the movie with has made some sort of comment like “But I just loved that sweater!” Find out more about the inspiration behind the sweater—and how to get your own version…
Trish Summerville, who designed the movie’s costumes, told the
New York Times the following about Katniss’ look: “I wanted to bundle her up a bit and give her something that had a feel of the Capitol, but still with keeping in those nubby, big natural fibers—something, say, her mom could have made her.” Summerville turned to Los Angeles-based knitwear designer
Maria Dora to create the piece, which Dora prefers to call a “shield.” Sadly, Dora has no immediate plans to offer any similar styles for sale—although
she says she is considering it. In the meantime, you can find several Katniss-inspired sweaters for sale on Etsy. Here are just two:
$136.90 at KnottyLoop: Etsy shop
$87.61 at Simply Pretty by Stacy: Etsy shop (warning: there is a wait-list) You can also check out the
NET-A-PORTER Capitol Couture collection by Trish Summerville, but sadly, there are no sweaters…. Would you wear a Katniss-inspired one-shoulder sweater? Read More:
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