Canadian designers share their favourite fashionable Olympic moments

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Dean and Dan Caten, designers of DSquared2. Image courtesy of DSquared2.

There are few things more exciting – or,
ahem, Canadian – than gathering around a television to watch our national men’s hockey team earn the gold medal during the 2010 Winter Olympics in
Vancouver. And it’s funny how these iconic moments of collectively rallying around hometown sporting heroes – not to mention the uniforms the athletes wore while underneath the international spotlight – tend to live on with us, almost more so than the final medal tally (almost). We’ve asked a few of our favourite Canadian designers – both expats and local – to share their favourite Olympic memories with us. Here are the moments that win gold in their minds and what they’re looking forward to most for the coming
Summer Olympic games in London.
Dean and Dan Caten, designers of DSquared2
Gold medal fashion moment: “When we dressed the talents for the opening and closing ceremonies for Winter 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. And then Whitney Houston’s performance of ‘One Moment in Time’ at the Summer 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.”

Fave Olympic spectator sport: “Naturally, swimming and diving…for the hot hunks in trunks!”
Read on for more fashionable Olympic moments from some of your fave Canadian designers!

Mark Fast, designer. Photography by Matt Holyoak.

Gold medal fashion moment: “It was the skill, talent and
look of Alexei Nemov that I can remember. 

To move and look so graceful would make anyone desire to go to the gym!
 He has an effortless style. It is the movement of his routine that is key; the clothes just disappear.”

Fave Olympic spectator sport: “Love the gymnastics! The outfits are very inspirational!”    

Ashley Rowe, designer. Image courtesy of Ashley Rowe.

Gold medal fashion moment: “I seriously love that Stella McCartney designed the
Great Britain team uniforms. Could that be any chicer?"
Fave Olympic spectator sport: "I’m totally ready for a good game of table tennis – bring on the 2012 Olympics!”  

Sunny Fong, VAWK designer. Image courtesy of VAWK.

Gold medal fashion moment: “I recall watching the 1984 Olympics as a child, when they were held in Los Angeles. During the opening ceremonies, one country came out wearing all-white suits – both men and women. It just looked so polished.”

Fave Olympic spectator sport: “I love watching gymnastics. When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a gymnast!”  

 Jamil and Alia Juma, JUMA designers. Photo taken in Beijing, July 10, 2012. Courtesy of Juma.

Alia Juma
Gold medal fashion moment: “My favorite
fashion moments in the Olympics is looking at bathing suits over time and how they reflect the social consciousness of each era. I especially liked what I saw during the Beijing Olympics with the Spanish synchronized swimming team with their vibrant spirit.”

Fave Olympic spectator sport: “My favorite sport to watch during the Olympics is women’s gymnastics, as I’m drawn to the form of the female body in movement. I like the balance beam mostly, as it looks very challenging yet they move so gracefully."  

Calla Haynes, designer. Image courtesy of Calla Haynes. Photography by Cedric Viollet.

Gold medal fashion moment: “Bjork’s dress for the opening ceremony of the Athens games in 2004, designed by Sophia Kokosalaki.”
Fave Olympic spectator sport: “I love, love, love the Olympics. My whole family gathers around the TV and watches all the events. Badminton is my favourite sport to play myself but rarely gets any TV coverage. I love gymnastics for the fashion and skill. My family really likes rowing and gets really into it when Team Canada is rowing, usually screaming at the TV!"  

Denis Gagnon, designer. Image courtesy of Denis Gagnon.

Gold medal fashion moment: “I don’t particularly remember any outfit from the Olympics, since you mainly see athletes wear their team uniforms. But I do remember Nadia Comaneci’s win in Montreal’s Summer Olympics in 1976, which was a memorable moment for me.”
Fave Olympic spectator sport: “Diving is my favorite to watch because of all the concentration they need – I think it is quite remarkable.”

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