Canadian designers celebrate their moms this Mother’s Day

May 10 2012 by
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If there’s anyone who deserves credit for seeing us go from who we want to be to whom we actually become – and giving us a few inspiring words along that way – it’s mom. This
Mother’s Day, some of our favourite Canadian designers pay tribute to the women who influenced their distinct styles and continue to stand by them as they shine in the spotlight. For that, we thank them too.
Chloé Comme Parris
Fave memory: ”We both have so many memories of sewing and making clothes and art with our mother when we were little. We would make DIY gift-wrapping paper and she would lay down a huge piece paper and we would run around and paint it and then use it to wrap everything come birthday and holidays. Most recently, our favorite mom moments are of drinking tea in her bed [where] we will sit and chat/gossip/get advice on work, life, boys – everything. We feel as though our relationship is getting stronger as we are getting older and have found that as you age you begin to realize that your parents are more like you than not.”
Words of wisdom: ”She always told us to stay true to ourselves and not to be afraid of being vulnerable because that is what makes you creative. We love her so much for that – it’s pretty priceless advice.”
Celebration this year: “We’re all spending Mother’s Day together at our childhood home. We’re both heading to her place to cook her a surprise dinner. We’re making her favorite – which we’ve never cooked before! – so hopefully all goes smoothly. We think she’ll love it and she definitely deserves it.”

Greta Constantine

Stephen Wong, designer
Fave memory: “Climbing the Great Wall of China with her last year on Mother’s Day. I didn’t stand a chance!”
Words of wisdom: “She’s never really given me explicit advice. She’s always just trusted me with the values that she raised me with.”
Celebration this year: “We usually get together to have dinner with the entire family.”
Kirk Pickersgill, designer
Fave memory: “When I used to live in Milan, on occasion, my mother would come to visit always around Mother’s Day. She’d make a home-cooked meal for me and my friends, which for many of them, was their first encounter with Jamaican food!”
Words of wisdom: “When going into business, be loyal to your company, but more importantly, to yourself.”
Celebration this year: “We’re going to Wok of Fame, a Chinese restaurant in Brampton, close to my parents’ house with the entire family. For her
gift, I bought her her favourite Kiehl’s moisturizer. I know this because whenever she visits, she always leaves with mine!”
Pink Tartan

Kimberley Newport-Mimran
Fave memory: "My mom used to wrap me in a thick white towel after my bath and call me her rosebud and I do the same with my daughter Jacqueline."
Words of wisdom: "Always be open-minded."
Celebration this year: "We are having our annual Mother’s Day celebration at the Yorkville Pink Tartan flagship with mimosas and macarons."
Adrian Wu

Fave memory: “My favourite memory would have to be when we went to Paris together with my sister a few years ago. We walked the streets of Paris and she suddenly said ‘I’m hungry!’ and there happened to be a lobster restaurant right next to us. Together we sat inside for the rest of the afternoon, eating, laughing, and commenting on the beautiful men walking past the window.”
Words of wisdom: “So many. ‘Why buy nice things if you don’t have nice places to go to?,’ ‘If you’re buying luxury clothing, stick with two to three designers instead of a bunch of different ones – coordinating is important.’ The best one was, ‘If you’re going to be a designer, go to Europe.’”
Celebration this year: “We do a dinner every year…probably at the Four Seasons or Pearl at Harbourfront. But everyday is Mother’s Day to me, I make her call me every night or else I call her!"
Joeffer Caoc

Fave memory: “My mom is a seamstress, and I would spend hours watching her sew and cut clothes out at home when I was little and I would wrap myself up in all the scraps pretending they were clothes.”
Words of wisdom: “Don’t you think it may be better to become a doctor?”
Celebration this year:“We’ll be having a BBQ in our backyard and then planting some new flowers in the garden.”
Marie Saint Pierre

Fave memory: “When I was young, my mother used to travel regularly to Europe. Every time she came back, I couldn’t wait for her to open her suitcase so I could find out which new perfume or avant-garde piece of clothing she purchased during her trip. It was such an amazing moment for me, better than opening Christmas gifts!”
Words of wisdom: “My mother has always been a very fashionable woman. She has a very avant-garde sense of style and used to set trends by wearing things [that] no one had seen before. Actually, I think she was one of the first to wear Yohji Yamamoto here in Montreal. Her taste for beautiful and incredibly well-done creations has considerably influenced my career path.”
Celebration this year: “Over the years, Mother’s Day became more of an inter-generational gathering in my family. Every year, my mother, sister and I celebrate our motherhood together by sharing a convivial lobster dinner with our kids. These annual reunions make good memories for all of us!”

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