Photo by Leda & St. Jacques.

We polled some of Canada’s most stylish people—including editors from the
ELLE Canada team and jurors from the
Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards this weekend—for the best sage style words they’ve ever received and continue to inspire them. (And we couldn’t resist asking about their all-time fashion statement piece, either.) Soak it up, friends.
Noreen Flanagan, editor in chief, ELLE Canada, CAFA juror
Best style advice: “When I was a teenager, one of my favourite aunts always offered up this piece of advice: "Trust your own instincts; don’t be misled by sales staff or well meaning friends. Tune in to how you feel when you’ve put together a look. Is it authentic? Is it stylishly flattering for your body type?" My aunt Jessie was delightfully eccentric and iconoclastic. She challenged conventions and was always interested in exploring the story behind everyone’s life—including the hitchhikers she loved to pick up. I learned from her that one’s style was a part of the story you communicated to the world.”
All-time favourite statement piece: “I can’t really explain this bit of personal fashion lore, but for years I was obsessed with a Cowichan sweater that I bought in a second-hand store. I was an early bobo adopter. Although it was worn and misshapen, I admired the obvious skill behind the stitches. I also liked to imagine it had been made lovingly for someone and that by wearing it I was paying a tribute to whomever knitted it. My mother didn’t share my fascination with this piece. She forbid me to wear it to school and tried on many occasions to throw it out. I would retrieve it, and then sneak out the back door with my beloved sweater in hand. Perhaps my affection for this weathered piece was more about my teenage desire to rebel against my mother! I can’t recall how it migrated out of life–perhaps my mom was finally successful in disposing of it. Or, more likely, I grew up and didn’t require this teenage talisman to inspire my curiosities— both for fashion and for life.”
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