Winter can be such a cruel season for the fashionably inclined. Who doesn’t remember being an unwilling wearer of bulky snowsuits, annoying stringed mittens and rubber boots pulling your socks down past your toes?

As adults, our choices aren’t much better: itchy sweaters get too hot, icy winds make skirts unbearable while heels are quarantined indoors until spring. (Let’s not forget the extra five pounds hiding under those itchy sweaters.)

So it’s a hopeless time to be stylish, right? Absolutely not! Style mavens Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte, creators of Vancouver-based Style Statement, divulge these tips and the top 5 winter staples for your wardrobe, plus a few added style tips to help you feel and look your best:

Before you buy
What’s the real secret to style? A philosophy behind it. Enhance your winter wardrobe with Carrie and Danielle’s 5 tips for developing your own unique winter style:

1. Desire. Know what you love. Tear out magazine photos, surf the web, collect images of what you’re attracted to so that you can go hunting for it.

2. Standards. Choose quality (in all areas of your life.) It’s better to buy one quality sweater that will last for years, than three cheapies that’ll be dead by the time spring rolls around.

3. Patience. Perfection often takes time. Don’t buy/borrow/or make something that doesn’t make your feel AMAZING. We’re serious. Compromised style rarely feels good.

4. Money. Set a limit for what you’d be willing to pay for the PERFECT sweater, coat, or pair of boots.

5. Awareness. Most importantly of all, KNOW THY SELF. Authenticity is not only energizing and magnetic, it is economical and incredibly efficient.

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Bonus style tips for winter
It’s all about the little things, right? Carrie and Danielle’s next four tips and tricks will give your winter style that definitive edge:

1. Check out your second-hand shops
Second hand stores have great winter treasures. Mohair scarves, wool cardigans, to name a few.

2. Go vixen
Paint your nails — even if they’re short — a deep rich red.

3. At night…
Jammies! Check out Joe’s line sold at the Superstore.

4. Socks
Invest in a few great pairs of socks. Try a wool mix, in a small men’s size — they stay up to your knees.

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