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Andrea Anastasiou is one of the co-owners of the new bridal shop White, located in Toronto’s chic neighbourhood of Yorkville. Here she gives ELLE tips on choosing the ultimate wedding gown.

Narrow down your options on your own first, and then bring out your mom or best friends to help with your final selection.

Know yourself. I always recommend that you look for a dress that is the most flattering for your body. Be flexible — it may not be the dress you envision. Find a bridal consultant you trust and they will work with you to find the right dress for you.

Know your budget. Typically, your wedding gown will be one of the largest purchases you will invest in. Bridal dresses are more elaborate and more intricate, often with yards of fabric, and can encompass a considerable amount of handiwork and embellishment — all these extras add up.

Don’t be preoccupied with size. What matters is: does the shape fit you?

Narrow down your choices. Pick your top three gowns and then choose the dress that you feel the best in. Which is most appropriate for the ceremony or venue? Which do you feel most comfortable in? You want to put it on that day, feel great and forget about it. What works with what you want to spend? Don’t be afraid to express your sense of style and you won’t be disappointed.

Andrea’s survival kit for your big day:

• An extra pair of shoes — low and comfortable
• A Miss A Kit — the perfect utility kit, with everything from nail file to scissors
• Double-sided tape — we like Hollywood Fashion Tape for emergency hems
• Safety pins for zippers that go awry
• Mini makeup kit