Text by Katherine Gougeon

Style Bubble (stylebubble.co.uk)
Blogger Susanna Lau (a.k.a. Susie Bubble). Lau considers herself a “mere consumer” and not a fashion expert or an insider, but her unholy knack for identifying trends and talent draws more than 10,000 visitors a day.
Mission “To observe fashion from a very personal perspective and just put it out there for people to say yea or nay.”
Lesson learned “Blogging requires a thick skin.”
Canadians are cool because… “They are the happy medium between the Yanks and the Brits.”

Blogspot What Katie Wore (whatkatiewore.com)
Bloggers Joe Sinclair and Katie MacKay. Sinclair writes the words; MacKay wears the clothes: a different outlandishly stylish outfit every day for a year (and counting). Posting through sickness, hangovers and bad-hair days, Sinclair says that the concept was inspired by the fashion bloggers who kept stopping MacKay on the street to take her picture.
The plan “To keep at it until we get bored or you get bored.”
Sample post “Today Katie is wearing a Toast skirt (as a dress), Tabio leg warmers, white woollie socks and some curtain ties from [British hardware store] B&Q as a necklace.”
Best fan line “Katie looks as mad as a box of bubbles, but I love her.”

Blogspot The Fashion Bomb (fashionbombdaily.com)
Blogger Claire Sulmers. Sulmers, a freelance fashion journalist, has created an influential blog for the “urban fashionista” that targets women of colour. Posting six times a day, she dishes on everything from how to break into the fashion industry to what to wear to a hip-hop concert.
The evolution “The blog started as a personal account of my shopping trips in New York and grew into a one-stop shop for celebrity style, looks for less, street chic and shopping advice.”
The perks “Invites to fashion shows in Paris, London and New York.” Best advice for bloggers “Come up with a great name and buy the domain immediately.”

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Blogspot Hello Sandwich (hellosandwich.blogspot.com)
Blogger Ebony Bizys. From multicoloured manicures to Ninja toilet paper, this Tokyo-based Australian artist and graphic designer chronicles all that is cute, cool, cult, crafty and kitsch in Japan.
Why “Hello Sandwich”? “I wanted something with a bit of ‘henna’ [strange] English that also played off local expressions like ‘let’s lunch,’ ‘calorie off’ and ‘level up.’ The name also references Hello Kitty, which is nice.”
Ultimate afternoon “Riding my mamachari [city bike] and wandering through Shinjuku’s Tokyu Hands stationery department and Kinokuniya bookstore.”
Green fashion “There is still a big ‘mori girl’ trend in Tokyo. These girls like to dress like they live in the forest. Think vintage blouses, puffed sleeves, ponchos, knits and furs.”

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