Blake Lively becomes Stella McCartney brand ambassador

Jul 05 2011 by
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In Blake’s tireless quest for total world domination, this just in: The Gossip Girl star is to become a brand ambassador for Stella McCartney.

(BANG) Blake –  who is reportedly dating film star
Leonardo DiCaprio – met the fashion designer after striking up a conversation about their mutual love of vegetarianism, and will now represent the brand in her native US. A source told
The Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Like Leonardo, Blake is an animal lover and believes in cruelty-free fashion so when she met Stella at the Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last month she found they shared many of the same ideals. Stella thinks Blake would be the perfect brand ambassador for her company in America."
The actress is also an ambassador for
Chanel, signing with the iconic fashion house last year, and shooting an advertising campaign for their range of
Mademoiselle bags. Chanel creative director
Karl Lagerfeld said of the young star: "She’s a kind of American dream girl. I think she will become a great actress."
What do you think? Is Blake a good fit for the Stella McCartney brand: Yes or no?

Categories: Fashion