Black Magic: Gap’s black slim cropped pant

Aug 05 2010 by
Categories : Fashion

By: Lindsay Groves To add to Allanah’s Summer Style 101 post, here’s a year-round style offense: transparent leggings. Although I’m not a huge fan of the legging trend, I do believe if done properly, they can look great! Unfortunately, there are those special cases that give leggings a very bad reputation. Let me explain. While walking into Ikea one day with my older brother, we witnessed an awful fashion faux pas. (He will most likely never forgive me for pointing it out).
A girl was wearing “extra” stretched leggings with a short tank top. The fabric was stretched to the point of transparency, leaving her exposing far too much. No one should suffer this kind of embarrassment. I’ll go on record here and say it’s time for a new version of the legging: introducing Gap’s black slim cropped pant from the new Black Magic premium pant collection. These have the ELLE Canada office talking. Not only do they have the stretch and comfort of leggings, but also the quality and flattery of dress pants. Whether paired with flats or heels, they are my favourite new wardrobe addition. Promise.

Categories: Fashion