Maleficent star = magnificent. All photos courtesy of Getty Images. 

Well, hello there. Angelina Jolie—
known for being one of the most beautiful women in the world but not among its most stylish—kicked it up a notch (or five) on the BAFTA red carpet last night. Instead of a standard red carpet gown, Jolie opted for a form-fitting Saint Laurent tux, complete with pointy toe patent pumps, an undone bow tie and a white shirt unbuttoned just the right amount. The overall effect was a little bit sexy, a lot elegant, but—most importantly—cool. Jolie 
never looks cool. But last night, she was the star you’d want to hit the BAFTA bar with, the one you’d want to gossip with in the ladies’ room, the one whose confidences you’d covet and whose style you’d emulate. Maybe it’s the
Maleficent influence? Whatever it is, it’s working for her. Oh, and then there was Brad Pit…