Behind the scenes on our shoot with transgendered model Jenna Talackova

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JennaTalackova1Behind-the-scenes shots of Jenna Talackova.

When I was being interviewed by Leah Chernikoff earlier this week, I told my ELLE US sis that we were really thrilled to have Jenna Talackova in the pages of our book for two reasons: 1. We really admired how she’s handled everything she’s been through. 2. It’s a delight to spent time with someone on set who’s beyond thrilled to be there. Models and celebs can get a little jaded by the experience, so when you spend the day with someone who is living out her fantasy—that’s pretty lovely to watch. When I interviewed her for the little video I did, she told me that she had pinned photos from ELLE Canada magazine on her vision board three years ago. Her dream was to be shot by us and now that dream had come true. This January 19, her new show, Brave New Girls, premieres on E!. Episode 3 is all about her day with ELLE Canada. It airs February 2nd at 10pm EST / 7pm PST, following the Kardashians.

Check out some more of my behind-the-scenes shots from our shoot.

Susan Hong puts the finishing touches on her look, while a reality TV camera man captures all the action.

action shot

I was testing out my new Samsung Galaxy that day because I wanted to shoot and edit my first video. (There are a few glitches—like when I turned my camera vertical, instead of horizontal—but it was an entertaining new creative challenge.) For the soundtrack, I used a track from a song that my niece, Caitie Flanagan, co-wrote with her friend, #proudaunt

JennaTalackova3Photographer John Van Der Schilden checks the focus on his gorgeous shots.jennaonbox

We had to catch our shot before the rain started! The shoot was done on location at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto.

JennaTalackova4We moved indoors and Jenna tried on my favourite (and hers) look for the day. The buttery soft 3.1 Phillip Lim moto jacket and the dress and shoes from Louis Vuitton.

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