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Co-owners Fiona Liston and Joanne Winkelaar of trendy Toronto-based flower shop Stemz (
give ELLE a must-have checklist for choosing your perfect wedding bouquet.

Pick a shape that suits you. You’ll want your bouquet to complement your body shape so that you feel comfortable and relaxed holding it. Traditionally, if you are petite, a smaller bouquet will suit you better. If you are tall, you can easily pick a more cascading or long architectural style. The flowers you choose will help dictate the style and look of the day.

It’s important that your bouquet complement your colouring. If you are naturally pale, choose a richer cream to avoid pure white flowers causing a draining effect in your photographs. Rich, saturated colours complement a darker complexion.

Style of dress
If you have a chic and streamlined dress, you can really go all out and add textured or architectural flowers. If you have a lot of beading and detailing on your dress, find a flower that will enhance the details, not clash with them.

If you are shy and reserved, it may be a good idea to save the feathers and sparkly crystals for the bridal shower. If you choose a bouquet you are comfortable with, you won’t be disappointed when it arrives.

Environment and mood
The wedding venue also plays a role. Whether a place of worship or a terrace overlooking the 18th hole of a golf course, the venue will help the florist direct the bride to the right choice of florals.

Make it a priority to ensure that the flowers you choose will withstand the duration of the day. With an open-stemmed bouquet, your florist should provide a bouquet vase to ensure freshness.

Tossing the bouquet
If you wish to do this, order a smaller version of the bridal bouquet so you can throw it over your shoulder. Many brides find it difficult to part with the real thing!