Rain can literally dampen an otherwise good day. But don’t let a few raindrops get you down. Stylish rain gear might actually make you yearn for a grey day, just so you can brighten it up with your chic accessories. We’ve rounded up nine wet weather essentials that’ll turn those drops of rain into drops of cheer. Pretty umbrellas and funky rain boots will put a spring in your step and may just have you singing in the rain!

Shoulder tote

This large tote bag is not only big and roomy for carrying around all of your life’s essentials, its smooth and shiny surface means that rain will roll off like water off a duck’s back — keeping all the important stuff inside nice and dry. It’s inexpensive (perfect because hopefully the rain will stay at bay and you won’t have to use it often!) but stylish, too.

Available at: select Loblaws and Loblaws superstores across Canada

Price: $14

Macintosh commuter coat

This pretty, pastel-coloured raincoat is perfect for adding a subtle dash of colour to the rainiest of days. This lovely lilac Mac is made from water-repellent, bonded cotton so it can certainly hold its own against a rainstorm. The flattering A-line shape means you won’t have to worry about looking frumpy as you bundle up and take cover from the elements. This coat features a button front, two side pockets and a back vent.

Available at:

Price: $79.50

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Burberry compact umbrella

Always a favourite, the Burberry pattern has become an icon of modern style. This umbrella, featuring the familiar pattern in pretty pastels of blue, khaki, purple and cream is stylish but very understated. Made from a lightweight nylon and featuring a brushed metal frame and handle, you might find yourself wishing for a little rain, just so you can use your umbrella.

Available at:
Price: $100USD

Polka dot rain boots

These Dalmatian-inspired rain boots will add whimsy to any rainy day. These lined, mid-calf boots also feature a removable insole (for added comfort) and a textured rubber sole for improved grip on wet, slippery roads. Imported from Denmark, these fabulously fun rain boots will make you feel like a kid again as you splash about the puddles.

Available at:

Price: $70

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Belted trench

This Kamarina trench coat by Via Spiga has got classic ’40s glam written all over it. Can’t you just picture Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart standing on a rainy, foggy runway, a plane’s engines roaring behind them? This stone grey, double-breasted trench is made from mid-weight, water-resistant cotton and features side pockets and a linear printed lining.

Available at:
Price: $135USD