finalmorningmustreadIf you don’t know, now you know the facts about sunscreen that can save your skin (and probably your life, too).
[] In the latest episode of Awkward Encounters with Samuel L. Jackson, Victoria Beckham appears uncomfortable while seated next to the
Snakes on a Plane actor at Wimbledon, until that genial David Beckham saves the day. 
[Gawker] Kenzo’s Fall 2014 ad campaign was inspired by filmmaker David Lynch, who not so coincidentally also designed the whimsically cinematic set.
[WWD] It’s happening: Pink Floyd will release its first album in 20 years.
The Endless River is based on sessions with keyboardist Richard Wright from 1994, as revealed by guitarist David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson via a no-big-deal-guys tweet.
[Newsweek] Presumably a relief for her stylish big sister, it’s Pippa’s time to shine.