finalmorningmustreadIt’s spring, which means that it’s almost summer, which means that sandal-shopping season has already begun. We rounded up some of our fave pairs to celebrate.
[] Nicole Richie went purple, Kristen Stewart, orange, so the only logical next step for Katy Perry was to dye her hair green. The singer revealed her "slime-green" ombre on Instagram.
[Refinery 29] The upcoming
Dior and I doc, which follows creative director Raf Simons before his debut couture collection in July 2012 and premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival this month, is as close to a home movie about the French fashion house as you can get: ""There was an enormous intimacy in the movie, which I think is also present in Dior, in the company. In the building, there was a strong kind of family feel," Simons said.
[Vogue UK] Congrats to Tom Ford and Richard Buckley, Ford’s partner of 27 years, who were married in a secret ceremony in the U.S.
[The Cut] And now, a list of unanswered questions that the world will never tire of pondering over: did man really walk on the moon, why can’t sugar free taste like the real thing, and are Will and Kate having more babies anytime soon? Mercifully,
OK! magazine is attempting to illuminate the latter, stating that the Royals are in "full baby-making mode."