finalmorningmustreadThe top 10 trends fresh out of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 (say hi to high-waisted pleated pants and boldly patterned ponchos).
[] Adidas has reported a 12 per cent sales increase in sneakers in the fourth quarter of their year-end report–blame it on Fashion month and
normcore (we do).
[Fashionista] Eye spy the monocle, the single-lens eyepiece that was a fashion staple of 19th-century military men, Mr. Peanut and theatregoers of yore, making a comeback on plaid-sporting hipsters. Now, do we see this becoming a longstanding thing?
[The New York Times] What do you do when you’re young, beautiful and famous, and have access to a vehicle? Grab a likewise bestie, hit the road and take a whole lot of selfies along the way. Funny enough, that’s just what Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss did!
[] Katie Holmes reveals why shuttered her fashion label Holmes & Yang, "I loved every minute of my time working on Holmes & Yang, which she started with her longtime stylist and friend Jeanne Yang. "I remain passionate about the design aesthetic we created, and am so happy with what Jeanne and I accomplished. However I am now concentrating on acting and motherhood, which did not leave the label the time and attention it deserved," she said.