finalmorningmustreadKate Middleton did a shot of whiskey in Scotland, crushing the dreams of baby-bump watchers everywhere.
[] The British designers behind red-carpet staple Marchesa will bring their spring/summer 2015 collection to London Fashion Week for a one-off show in the fall to mark the label’s 10th anniversary.
[The Guardian] Men of the world: Do you know what a Cowichan sweater is? How about desert boots? A cufflink?! No? Read this and be amazed.
[GQ] You can dress them up with a tailored jacket and scarf, but bottom line is they’re still sweatpants. And Madewell’s fall 2014 campaign indicates that you can wear them to work. (I don’t know how I feel about this, but I’m not ready to wear yoga pants with heels and head into the office)
. [The Cut] Why the jumpsuit is the summer’s hottest trend―jump on it (coded
Fresh Prince reference).