finalmorningmustreadGoing by this latest Burberry Fall 2014 campaign, we could all use a little Cara Delevingne in our lives.
[] Here’s one more way to be like Karlie Kloss, apart from eating gluten-free oatmeal kookies and hanging out with Taylor Swift: pick up a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses designed by the 21-year-old model.
[ELLE US] The invisible undergarment gods have been listening and come July, Spanx will be rolling out its own line of denim. "I see Spanx as a lifestyle brand that is delighting women in making things fit better and feel better on the body and not just through compression,” said Spanx founder Sara Blakely. “We’re known for making you look thinner and more toned, but it can just be about a better cut and fit."
[WWD] Pippa Middleton is set to take part in the intense 3,000-mile bike tour Race Across America this weekend. On her relay team for the West-to-East-coast-tour is her brother, James Middleton.
[The Cut] When Taylor Swift is your BFF and it’s your birthday, you can expect expensive, shiny gifts right? If you’re Ed Sheeran on the receiving end, you get a thoughtful, homemade needlepoint.