finalmorningmustreadEmma Watson is in talks to star in
La La Land, an upcoming musical about finding love in Los Angeles. (If we know, we’d want to break out in song too.)
[] 14 years later, JLo has repeated her iconic plunging Versace Grammys dress−almost. The singer wore a suspiciously reminiscent jumpsuit onstage at a concert in the Bronx last week. And, yes, she still looked great. Like nothing has changed.
[Hello! Magazine] Finally, this photo snapped on the L.A. set of Clint Eastwood’s latest biopic brings an end to the age-old question about Bradley Cooper: Bradley Cooper wears short shorts.
[Refinery 29] These celebs killed it (both good and bad) on the red carpet last week.
[] The beautiful people of the beauty and fashion world−Anja Rubik, Solange Knowles, Pat McGrath−turned up at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC for the launch of Gucci’s cosmetics line−a "passion project," according to creative director Frida Giannini.