For hardcore fashion lovers, every new season is an excuse to give the old credit card a workout but if your bank account has you on strict orders not to indulge in your usual bout of retail therapy this season, don’t panic: all those past shopping sprees have filled your closet with still undiscovered outfit options just waiting for fashion fame. To help get you out of your sartorial rut, here are some insider tips and tricks to making your old wardrobe new again.

Re-Discover Old Favourites.

Yes, new things are special and exciting (and somehow life-affirming) but don’t forget there was a time (not too long ago) when that perfect boyfriend blazer hanging at the back of your closet was new too. A thorough look through your closet is likely to unearth more than a few classic pieces worth bringing back into rotation.

Explore New Combinations.

Wardrobe tunnel vision—it happens to all of us. This top goes with those jeans and that blouse goes with that skirt. End of story. The thing is, when it comes to your closet, monogamy equals monotony so break up your routine and try mixing things up a bit. And don’t be afraid to play with layers and unexpected combinations of pieces, texture and pattern—you may just discover a new fashion match made in heaven.


The easiest way to freshen up your wardrobe is to embrace accessories. The right belt, necklace, bangle or scarf (or all of the above) can take any outfit from forgettable to fabulous in five seconds flat. Not to mention, accessories also offer great bang for your buck so you can easily stock up on baubles without blowing your budget.

Get Crafty.

We’re not suggesting you make your own clothes or (god forbid) break out the BeDazzler but there are some simple things you can do with a pair of scissors and a creative eye to give a drab piece of clothing a new lease on life. Have a pair of worn out old jeans? Voila! Cool cut-offs a la Erin Wasson. A long floral frock can be a flirty summer dress (think Whitney Port). Even baggy sweatpants can be reinvented as trendy drawstring jogging shorts a la Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang.

Let Out Your Inner Stylist.

The best way to get the most out of your existing wardrobe is to get creative with how you wear your clothes. Try rolling up your sleeves or pant legs to achieve a different look or tucking in that shirt or doing up that top button. How about knotting your belt instead of using the buckle or layering your favourite necklaces for a little more impact. Short on ideas? The good news is, with so many style websites to browse through these days, fashion inspiration is always a click away.

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