2011 Street Style: The year in pictures

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Forget the fashion runways (if only momentarily). ELLECanada.com celebrates the year’s best global street fashion.

Irina is more supermodel than super-street, but we had to include her in this particular look (spotted during
New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011-12). The burgundy-sashed hat, the light grey pantsuit; it all screams ’70s comfort chic.
We were amazed at how many studs and grommets made their way onto the attire of fashion journalists during both the spring and fall fashion shows in Milan, but we understand why: Just like
leopard print, these accoutrements are becoming a classic.

There is something so utterly fresh and sophisticated about this white t-shirt and navy skirt combo. In a fashion era where more is more, we appreciate this lovely woman’s minimalistic approach (The rounded, oversized sunnies don’t hurt, either!)
London always has a way of pushing the boundaries of good fashion and nowhere did we find this more apparent that in this streeter we snapped on the way to the shows. Love the mix of stripes and polka-dots, but especially adored her bubble-gum pink
From this perspective, this woman’s dress looks as if hand-painted. In real life, it’s exactly that. The fabric was so delicate that it seemed as thin and fragile as paper. Of particular note is the necklace: Also hand-painted, also exquisite.
So few women smile when snapped by a street style photog, so we found this pixie girl’s grin captivating. The floral dress and cute ballerina flats all add to her irresistible charm.
We would argue this isn’t exactly
our taste, but that’s besides the point. The
best street style moments capture those unafraid of expressing their individual fashion. This Londoner takes the cake.
Pretty in pastels and on-trend florals for Paris’ Spring 2012 Fashion Week. Does it get any better than this?
The retro silhouette makes us yearn for days gone by. Add in her peep-toe pumps, the silver cross necklace and ruby-red lips and we’ve got our mood board for the next season.
Totally outrageous, but that’s New York, baby. The Chanel quilted is obviously mouth-watering, but we’re also mildly obsessed with her neon-tinged locks.

Couldn’t resist. In a word: Adorable. (All images courtesy of ImaxTree.com)
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