10 Very Easy, Very 2019 Halloween Costumes

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No need to go as a cat for the 5th year in a row.

Need a quick, timely Halloween costume? Look no further. Here are ten 2019 pop culture-inspired Halloween costume ideas you can create using stuff you probably already own.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Shiv from Succession

    You’ll need: A turtleneck, cardigan, high waisted pants, and dainty jewelry.

    The wardrobe on the hit series Succession is reflective of what you would expect of the superrich and dysfunctional: conservative, plush and refined. Layer a fitted blazer on top of a dark turtleneck with dress pants and slick your hair back for that classic Shiv look.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: VSCO Girl

    You’ll need: An oversized tie dye shirt, Fila Disruptors, a scrunchie (or two) and a Kanken backpack.

    If you use Instagram, you’ve most likely seen the “VSCO girl” trend trickling down your feed, which is one of the latest subcultures to arise from social media apps like TikTok and Vscocam. To be truly Gen-Z, throw on a tie-dye shirt, leggings, hair scrunchies and the chunky Fila Disruptors.


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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Princess Diana

    You’ll need: Biker shorts, a crew neck sweater, sunglasses and sneakers.

    After Hailey Baldwin’s recent Vogue photoshoot recreating Princess Di’s iconic looks, the late royal’s timeless style is once again on everyones’ radar. Her gym look is easy to recreate and ensures that you’ll be comfortable all night long. Put bike shorts together with a cozy crewneck sweater, chunky sneakers (our favourites are the Nike Air Heights) and sunglasses.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Donté Colley

    You’ll need: A bright beanie and sweater, emoji stickers/pins, dance moves and a positive attitude.

    At just 22-years-old, Colley has attracted over 800,000 Instagram followers by spreading positivity with his totally unique and uplifting dance videos. After catching the attention of celebrities like Will Smith and appearing on daytime television and in music videos – even stopping by the ELLE Canada office – Colley is quickly becoming a household name. Dress up as our favourite motivator by wearing a matching beanie, sweater and emoji pins.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Ramona from Hustlers

    You’ll need: An oversized faux fur jacket, a bodycon dress, hoop earrings and heels.

    Dressing like the JLo’s character in Hustlers, one of the buzziest films of the year, is easy thanks to her distinctive high-glam looks. Ramona’s style is very early 2000s – think Herve Leger and Guess archives — making this the perfect excuse to also honour an iconic fashion era. Layer an oversized faux-fur jacket on top of a bodycon dress and accessorize with plenty of bigger-is-better jewellery like these Swarovski hoops. Top it off with a pair of sky-high stilettos and prepare to make the ultimate entrance into any party.


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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Bianca Andreescu

    You’ll need: A visor, tank top, tennis skirt, wristbands and a tennis racket.

    After becoming the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title, we feel its only right to pay homage to the 19-year-old sports superstar.  Tie your hair into a bun or ponytail, top it off with a visor, some athletic gear and running shoes. (Sweat is optional.)


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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Meghan Markle

    You’ll need: A trench coat and/or shirt dress and heels.

    No one loves a shirt dress as much as Markle, so pair one with a classic pump and a fresh blowout (or pull your hair back into a bun, leaving a few pieces loose to frame the face) to get that quintessential Duchess of Sussex vibe.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Billie Eilish

    You’ll need: A beanie, oversized t-shirt and pants, sunglasses.

    Billie Eilish is known for her distinguishable style: baggy, neon and eclectic. Layer a loose t-shirt or sweater with a chain then put on a beanie, dark sunglasses and Vans.


  • 9/10

    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Euphoria cast member

    You’ll need: Sparkly top coat lipgloss, face/body glitter, rhinestones and shimmery highlighter.

    Makeup artist Doniella Davvy pushes the boundaries of typical high-school makeup on the HBO series Euphoria. Grab some high-pigment glitter and go HAM. See the best Euphoria-inspired makeup looks on Instagram for inspo.

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    Halloween 2019 costume idea: Fleabag

    You’ll need: A jumpsuit, heels and a red lip.

    Has anyone looked as effortlessly cool in all of 2019 as Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s titular Fleabag character wearing that jumpsuit in the first episode of season two? We think not. Luckily, that exact backless, wide-legged By Love piece is super accessible. Just add a red lip and you too can channel the confidence and power of someone who’s just trying to do better.

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