When it comes to really feeling good, fresh food, regular gym trips and mindfulness practices are key. But let’s be real: True wellness starts with restful sleep. That’s the idea that drives Polysleep, a brand that produces ultra-high-quality made-in-Canada mattresses and has built its name on innovation and a good-for-the-environment approach.

The experts at Polysleep thought of everything with their clever design, which includes: four layers of hybrid medical-grade antimicrobial foam that result in a healthier sleep surface, not to mention a mattress with a longer lifespan; a lightweight waterproof cover that’s removable and washable; plus, a first-of-its-kind proprietary support frame that wraps around the edge of the mattress to deliver best-in-class recovery and balanced, uncompromising support. Plus, if you’re sharing your bed with a middle-of-the-night mover, Polysleep’s zero-motion-transfer surface helps ensure you still get undisturbed shut-eye. Did we mention the company’s eco-friendly ethos? Making its mattresses in Canada means Polysleep skips on overseas shipping, reducing the carbon footprint—and cost—for its customers.

All the specs sound positively slumber inducing, but you might be wondering how Polysleep ranks among other brands in the market. Sure, there are plenty of quality mattress brands on the market, but few can check all the boxes— unparalleled support, medical-grade antimicrobial foam, recovery technology and that oh-so-comfy surface among them—like Polysleep can. With Tempur-Pedic, most of its mattress offerings are only available for purchase in-store, which ultimately means a higher retail cost for you. And Casper can’t compete in the green department; made with a hybrid foam-plus-spring construction, Casper mattresses are difficult to recycle, which means they ultimately have a greater environmental impact.

There’s really only one way to experience the Polysleep difference: Try out the company’s celebrated sleep surface for 100 nights, and if you’re not catching your best zees ever, you can return it for a full refund. In yet another aspect of its do-good approach, Polysleep partners with local charities across the country to donate returned mattresses to those in need. It offers all the makings of a good night’s sleep indeed.

Learn more at polysleep.ca