It’s become a Pavlovian reflex: The name Roche Bobois immediately brings to mind—in all its magnificence—the iconic Mah Jong, a sofa that defies all creative codes and whose relevance is impervious to the passing of time. This flagship design piece, originally created by Hans Hopfer and reinvented over the years by the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Kenzo Takada, is the most legendary piece of furniture in a succession of renowned designs by the French company.


In 1960, brothers Philippe and François Roche, pioneers of contemporary furniture in Paris, met with their competitors in France, Jean-Claude and Patrick Chouchan, brother-owners of a store called Au Beau Bois. Driven by their common and intense love for modernism, they quickly forged an alliance that would see them shift from craftspeople to importers and distributors of European design. Their first advertising campaign (which appeared in ELLE magazine) set the tone with an evocative slogan: “The style of our times at Roche and Bobois.” Their success was immediate.


Over the decades, the founders had the ability to see high and far and to surround themselves with giants from the world of design. At the end of the 1960s, for example, designer Pierre Paulin’s artistic vision shone through in his decor for the company’s Parisian boutique. To this day, each new collection celebrates the company’s collaborations with innovative designers, among them Ora-Ïto, Marcel Wanders, Stephen Burks, Bruno Moinard and Luigi Gorgoni. These creative connections convey the singularity of Roche Bobois, a great defender of artisanal know-how and the imagination.

The profusion of fabric that characterizes the Mah Jong has, by its very nature, fostered the meeting of the worlds of furniture and haute couture.

— Nicolas Roche, collections director at Roche Bobois and son of François Roche, co-founder of the brand


Besides the Mah Jong, a timeless ode to insouciance, several Roche Bobois creations have acquired icon status. Here are a few of them.

Legend. Bookcase, design by Christophe Delcourt

The Legend bookcase, an articulated structure that echoes nature, designed by Christophe Delcourt.

Aqua. Dining table, design by Fabrice Berrux

The discreet yet spectacular Aqua table, a colossal challenge met by Fabrice Berrux.

Ava. Dining armchair, design by Song Wen Zhong

The inspiring Ava dining armchair, by Song Wen Zhong, fuses east and west.

Bubble 2. Sofa, design by Sacha Lakic

The cloud or bouquet of balloons that is the Bubble sofa, by Sacha Lakic.

All of these creations prove that true modernity is rooted in a form of tradition.