Canada’s outdoor season, unfortunately, doesn’t last very long. So why squander even a single ray of sunshine or whisper of gentle breeze by spending more time indoors than necessary?

There’s a simple way to make sure that doesn’t happen: Home Refinements by Julien’s outdoor-kitchen line. The Canadian brand, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, specializes in high-quality refined products that are expertly designed and assembled in Quebec. The company’s ethos is simple: Even the most standard items can be improved upon, personalized and elevated. And its unbeatable outdoor kitchens are proof of that.

Rediscover Your Backyard with Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

18-inch cart cabinet, Line Collection Home Refinements

All of Home Refinements by Julien’s modular outdoor kitchen products are made entirely of weather-resistant stainless steel, so you’ll never have to worry about them withstanding the elements. Start by choosing between built-in inserts, which are integrated into a built structure, and self-standing structures, which can be installed wherever you choose and allow you to create an island.

From there, opt for one of the brand’s two beautifully made collections: The Pure Collection is elegant and sophisticated, with delicate handles that complement the uniform aesthetic, while the Line Collection is just as distinguished but cleaner, thanks to its seamless grips. Both collections are ultra versatile and bring the homey comfort of an indoor kitchen into your backyard.

Rediscover Your Backyard with Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

It’s clear from just one glance at Home Refinements by Julien’s products that no detail is overlooked in their design. And because of the brand’s commitment to creating spaces that are as functional as they are appealing, it’s easy to create an outdoor kitchen that’s customized to your specific needs. Practical integrated sink cabinets provide easy access to running water, plus a wide variety of sleek storage modules will help you stay organized and keep you from running back to your indoor kitchen for essential tools. Mix and match the impressive array of à la carte options and accessories to build your dream outdoor kitchen.

Pretty soon you’ll be lounging in your backyard and enjoying alfresco meals with your loved ones as often as possible. You’ll probably love the experience of your outdoor kitchen so much that you’ll even consider bundling up in colder weather to make use of it once summer is behind us.