We all know how fun Instagram can be. The comments section though…not so fun. The social media platform (finally!) is working to change all that. Here are the three biggest updates it’s rolling out.

1) You can turn comments on and off for individual posts–even after you’ve posted. One of your posts not getting the love you thought it would? Shut those comments off. Change your mind a few days later? Switch them back on. A few accounts already have this feature, but soon it will be rolling out to everyone.

2) In the past, those with private accounts could only delete followers they’d already approved by blocking them. Now, you can simple remove them as a follower and no, they won’t get notified that you did. Think of it as the unfriending of Insta.

3) And now for our favourite update: You can finally like other people’s comments! Just tap the little heart icon to show the commenter some love. According to the blog post announcing the new features, being able to like comments “lets you show support and encourages positivity throughout the community.”