Winter’s almost over! Time to brush up on your flower game

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julia greco floristYour March floral inspiration, courtesy of Petals and Stems. 

There have been unconfirmed sightings of daffodils and tulips at our local flower market, which means it cannot be long before our own humble kitchen tables (and vanities, and every other possible surface) are graced with fresh blossoms. We called upon
Toronto florist Julia Greco to give us a timely pre-spring refresher in flower care 101 – and a couple hot tips on what’s trending in flowers this year. But before we get into the Q and A, fun fact:
Petals and Stems, Julia’s florist business, are responsible for the gorgeous blooms in our
ELLE Canada closet x Dior collab! Can you spot them?

What is your favourite flower for this time of year? Ranunculus because they still give that delicate softness of warmer days!
What’s trending in the flower world this season? English roses and peonies continue to be all the craze and I could not be happier because they are a couple of my faves as well. I’m looking forward to working with Marsala, which is the Pantone colour for 2015.
Any special care tips for flowers during the late winter? If you’re buying flowers at the market or picking them up from your local florist make sure those puppies are protected from the cold and wind! If not your flowers will get damaged by the elements and not last as long they should.
If you were looking to give someone a special bouquet, what would you recommend right now? Roses are always a lovely surprise but garden roses are exceptionally nice. One of my favourite standard roses is a yellow turtle rose. For those looking to deviate from the rose family a bouquet of tulips are always a great idea. My favourite are Scarlet Parrot tulips. Oh boy, when those babies bloom, they are absolutely stunning!
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