Wills, Kate and George in new royal portrait!

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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Family Photograph Ahead Of Tour To Australia & New ZealandThe new royal portrait! (Image courtesy of Getty)

The Cambridge clan have released a new family portrait, and while adorable, there were some rather odd things about the relaxed shot..
First, why are in a window? Are they trapped in a door-less brick box? Were they all just hanging out one day at Kensington Palace (where the picture actually takes place), a tourist snapped a pic of the happy family, posted it to their Instagram, and then Wills happened to browsing one day, saw it, and said: eh, good enough? And speaking of Instagram – what is up with the filter?! The Duke and Duchess’ last, equally informal portrait was taken by Kate’s dad, and was all golden-and-sunlit. This shot’s lighting reads more London-on-a-gloomy-day – which could, actually, be a savvy PR move on their part, sort of saying: ‘hey, we’re just like you, dear subject! We too occasionally experience less than optimal weather conditions!" Also,
as a long-time advocate of his, I can’t help but mention Lupo – and the clear, near-palpable tension between him and that usurper, that spotlight stealer, Prince George. Those are some serious Clint Eastwood eyes, y’all.
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