Will and Kate: Leave Prince George alone!

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Prince George Of Cambridge First BirthdayLet George be one with nature in peace, okay? (Image courtesy of Getty)

Baby’s first stalker: Now there’s a milestone you really hope you never celebrate. Unfortunately, it’s happened to
Prince George, and Will and Kate are not taking it lying down (although we sort of hope Kate is, what with her ongoing battle with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and all).
The Duke and
Duchess of Cambridge issued a very stern warning to two men who have been "pursuing" Big G and his nanny as they go on walks in their local park. The creeps are apparently paparazzi photographers with a long history of bugging
the royal family. Will and Kate have actually taken legal steps to make sure the daily following of their little tike stops. I mean, how on earth is
Prince George meant to commune with his butterfly friends with someone snapping pics all the time?
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