Will and Kate do shots in broad daylight

May 30 2014 by
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Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge Visit ScotlandBottoms up! (Image courtesy of Getty).

What a wild pair! Will and Kate were spotted knocking back the alc yesterday in Scotland (got to do something to get through those royal engagements, I suppose?). The pair toured a local whiskey distillery, and sampled the product in the fanciest shot glasses ever. But the really important thing about this visit?

Kate was drinking! Hard liquor! Which means the baby bump watchers, on high alert after several recent tabloid stories involving twin girls, or quadruplets or an entire mariachi band in her womb, can stand down, for approximately thirty seconds.

Also noteworthy is that our Wills gamely swallowed a thimbleful of 68.9 proof pure alcohol, poured directly from the sill. If that doesn’t put hair on his head…

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