The-thompson-hotel-rooftop                                    No matter the weather, that skyline is hard to resist.

As soon as I received an invitation to the Thompson Hotel’s spectacular rooftop, I formed the perfect plan. To avoid potential social awkwardness, I would arrive with a friend in tow. I’d wear my
favourite ’90s D&G slip dress and sip something fizzy and fruity while taking in the panorama. It would be a perfect summer evening. One look outside the window a few hours before the party revealed that Mother Nature had other plans. Dejected, I observed the rapidly darkening sky and pouring rain. I questioned my outfit and even considered cancelling. Not so fast! “The party is still on! We have lots of umbrellas!” the organizers beckoned. Though I’ve visited the Thompson’s rooftop a few times, I get chills every time the elevator doors part and that view unfolds before me. A sliver of Lake Ontario, an endless forest of glass towers and the CN Tower’s nightly light show make the night feel grand. White couches are strategically positioned for prime people-watching, sharply dressed bartenders shake up inventive cocktails with ease and the
showpiece infinity pool transforms from azure to cobalt as the sky darkens. And what about the rain? As if by special request from a savvy PR team, the storm clouds parted – though briefly. But even when it started to drizzle again, I was reluctant to leave the rooftop. Part of the draw of the Thompson’s rooftop is its exclusivity. Open only to hotel guests, residents and specially invited VIPs with “members only” access cards, the lounge is a well-guarded gem. Not on the list? Try scoring an invite to a private event, befriending a card-holding member with +1 privileges or splurging on a night in one of the hotel’s modern suites. You just might see me lounging poolside.
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