Why Is Everyone Being So Mean To Kate Middleton’s Hair?

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kate-middleton's-hair-criticised-The much-maligned locks on their most recent outing, Feb 17. (Image courtesy of Getty).

They’re arguably the most famous (and the most envied) strands to ever sprout from a mortal’s follicles – and no sooner had
Kate Middleton’s tresses recovered from
Superexpensivehaircutgate, but the haters started snipping and sniping anew.
The haters in question are her step-mother-in-law and her ex-hairstylist (
not the one who got fired), who are both reported to be critical of the Duchess’ flowing mane.
According to UK paper The Express, Camilla is finding
Kate’s ever-longer, ever-curlier locks to be ‘bedraggled’, and thinks she should go ‘shorter and lighter’ for the sake of the country. As for the ex-hairstylist, who apparently stills counts Middleton as a friend, she delivered a zinger of
a back-hander in a radio interview, saying: "She looks wonderful, but her hair is maybe a little overdone at times". It’s worth noting that this Denise McAdam is now on a reality show about hair-dressing… It’s enough to give you split ends! (Sorry).
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