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I think it’s safe to say that we’re all a little fascinated by identical twins, right? (They look so much alike! Sometimes they act alike—even weirder, sometimes they act nothing alike!) Really, what we all want to know is “How does it feel to be part of that kind of ultra-exclusive members-only club?”
Toronto-based documentary filmmaker Leora Eisen wanted to shed some light on that very topic when she set out to make her fascinating film
Two of a Kind a few years ago. After all, as the twin sister of magazine editor Linda Lewis, she’d been answering the question of “Hey, what’s it like?” all her life. Her answer? Ineffably wonderful and complex. Her story took a heart-wrenching turn when Linda was diagnosed with leukemia. Leora grappled with the news by interviewing experts about the puzzling fact that, despite sharing identical genetics, one twin can fall gravely ill, while the other lives in perfect health. As we learn in
Two of a Kind, the science happening in that sphere is remarkable—and hopefully it will lead to some serious advances in how genetic cancer is treated. I worked with Linda for several years at
More magazine before she succumbed to the disease, and I can still hear her voice booming words of wisdom in my head when I need advice. Leora explains that working on this film was a way to keep her sister close after she passed away—and that love comes through. The feature tells the stories of several sets of twins as they come to terms with the power of identity, the bonds of family and finding personal strength.
Two of a Kind is thoughtful, thought provoking and probably the best thing you can do with two hours on a Sunday. Bonus: The Documentary Channel is free this month! Two of a Kind
airs Sunday, November 30, at 9 p.m.

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