Warning: You probably can’t handle this new pic of Benedict Cumberbatch

Sep 16 2014 by
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benedict cumberbatch no shirtHello, Mr Darcy! (Image courtesy of Getty)

What happens when you combine the hottest Englishman-of-the-moment with one of the most iconic (read: sexy) moments in English film, and multiply exponentially by shirtlessness? This internet-breaking snap of Benedict Cumberbatch re-enacting Mr Darcy/Colin Firth’s infamous dip in Pride Prejudice, of course.
In between all of
his TIFF-ing and Eddie Redmayne bromancing, the sexiest Sherlock took time to undo a few buttons on his soaking wet 19th century blouse, and take a picture for a charity called "Give Up Clothes", which raises money for cancer. Happy Tuesday, Cumberbitches!
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