The unexpected thing Kate Middleton has given up during her pregnancy

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Visits Emma Bridgewater FactoryPutting on a brave face, despite the lack of DHA in her life. (Getty)

When one is with child (especially when that child might one day have its face on a coin), certain sacrifices are made by that foetus’ mother. And while we expected
Kate Middleton would have given up the usual things—champagne, raw eggs, nights out on the town with Harry—it’s been revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge has been depriving herself of another, unexpected-for-her guilty pleasure. And it’s actually a beauty product…
No, it’s not blush (although she’s really cut back since the heavier handed days of the royal wedding). Apparently, Kate has stopped her weekly…spray tans?! According to a report by US Weekly, la Middleton used to be a once-a-week devotee of a little St Tropez, but since she’s gotten pregnant, has foregone that (extremely subtle glow). Instead, she’s bringing a little colour to English-winter-skin with a bit of bronzer – Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, to be precise.
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