Kate Middleton is going to Downton Abbey

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The Duchess Of Cambridge And First Lady Of New York City Visit Northside Center For Child DevelopmentKate, practicing her Dowager Duchess of Grantham rivaling side-eye. (Getty)

Carson, start polishing the silver: In a likely universe shaking clash of British icons,
Kate Middleton is visiting Downton Abbey!
While we wouldn’t be surprised if she could time travel,
Kate is not actually going back to 1920 to eat crumpets with the Dowager Duchess (also, that would involve journeying to a parallel universe where the show is actually, you know, real life). She’s just visiting the set at Ealing Studio, which in an interesting twist, is where all of the filming for the servant-y scenes happens. (The rich people stuff is filmed at Highclere Caste, one-time rumoured site of George Clooney’s wedding). The visit takes place on March 12, and is actually to commemorate the studio’s long history in the British film world (Fun fact! It’s the oldest in the world). No word yet on Molesley, Daisy and Thomas will be allowed upstairs for the occasion.
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