“I feel more like a stewardess than a retail director,” jokes Maria Giulia Maramotti, who oversees boutique branding for Max Mara, the Italian fashion giant founded by her grandfather Achille. “Since we have stores all over, I get to travel the world by working.” One of Maramotti’s favourite destinations? Milan, where she lived for more than 10 years. “I love the energy – it’s very cool, very Italian.”


It spot “All the fashion people go and have a drink at Radetzky. It’s very modern, but it’s not formal. You see people in jeans next to ladies in seven-inch heels. People go to see and be seen.”

Favourite meal “The risotto Milanese at Bistrot Giacomo. It reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking.”

Shopping ’hoods “Via Sant’Andrea is my favourite street. There’s an adorable shoe store called Iris where you can find really nice things. Brera, north of the Duomo, is like Le Marais in Paris. It has beautiful vintage jewellery and handcrafted-fabric stores – I bring back laces to the Max Mara offices.”

Jet-set getaway “It’s a one-hour flight to Sardinia, so when I have a free weekend, I go. I’m always sailing – barefoot in my swimsuit, cut-off jeans and white shirt. I don’t even look at my phone.”


Empire state of mind
“I’m very into jazz. There’s a nice speakeasy, Bill’s Place, in Harlem, New York. There’s a super-old man who plays the blues, and he’s fantastic. I go there by myself.”

Parisian tipple
“La Palette. Years ago, La Palette was a hangout for artists like Cézanne and Picasso. It has a very beautiful vibe. It’s on a little street right near the art galleries in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where there are lots of wonderfully dressed but very relaxed women.”

Bucket list “South America – Brazil and Argentina. I’m desperately trying to [find time to] go.”


Current home base “Chelsea, in New York City.”

Inflight entertainment “Pounds and pounds of magazines.”

Packing list “I’m surgical when I pack. I’m a shoe addict, though, which makes everything more complicated! I’m not a huge fan of flats – I like very sexy shoes.”

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