Escape the hectic bustle of Cancun and explore the beauty of the Mayan Riviera in Puerto Morelos — a small fishing village about 30 minutes south of Cancun. This quaint town is the ultimate relaxation getaway with stunning beaches and it’s peaceful contrast to the vibrant city.

Where to stay: The Ceiba del Mar Hotel Resort Spa

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to set your mind at ease, then you need not look further than the Ceiba del Mar. It’s easily the natural choice for comfort, elegance and pure tranquility for a beachside vacation. Book your stay in the Penthouse Suite for the ultimate in upscale living with a spacious suite with spectacular views of the ocean from your balcony (complete with a plunge pool, we might add) — perfect for romantic sunset dinners that will continue with desert under the stars. But even if the penthouse suite isn’t what you’re looking for each room, from the junior suites to master suites, have the same contemporary-Mexican décor, terraces with hammocks, and the utmost privacy. But who is going to spend all their time in the hotel room, when the crashing waves of the ocean are right at your feet? The quite beach is ideal for unwinding and recharging on a lounge with the soft breeze with a chilled drink in your hand or starting your morning with an energizing yoga session on the pier. For more information visit

What to do: Snorkeling The Great Mayan Reef

The Great Mayan Reef is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere (and the second largest in the world behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) and is an absolute must-see while visiting this part of the world. Stretching more than 620 miles from the coast of Cancun all the way down the Mayan Riviera to the coasts of Belize and Guatamala. Whether you’re a snorkeling novice, or a pro, you’ll enjoy this excursion to view brightly coloured schools of fish, sting rays, dolphins, crustaceans and of course, the gorgeous reef washed in vibrant hues of pinks, blues, reds and purples and textures. The warm and clear Caribbean waters are just the right temperature to take a peek at this magical underwater world. For more information visit

Swim the cenotes

Visiting the cenotes is one of the true Mexican experiences you can have. Cenotes are deep pools of warm, clear water hidden in dark, secluded caves that you literally have to crawl into to dip your toes in the water. But once you make the journey, you’ll see why the Mayans coveted the these secret underground swimming pools for rituals and the mineral benefits that the waters gave to their skin and health. Trust us, your skin will thank you for a dip in these mineral-rich waters later. For more information visit


Zip lining through the jungle

Explore the Mexican jungle from a slightly different view — above the trees. This exhilarating adventure might be a departure from your winding-down trip, but we all need a little adventure in between the relaxing and rejuvenating. So fly high above the trees to get the best view of all that the Mexican jungle has to offer, from unique insects and wild animals, to native trees. And all that fresh jungle air will mean a quite afternoon napping on the beach might be in order. For more information visit

Take a bike ride through town

Since the village of Puerto Morelos is small, it’s easy to navigate and the locals are friendly, so grab a bike and go for a casual spin through the neighbourhood. You’ll find tiny shops with Mexican trinkets, candles, and decorations and restaurants with local fare that will give you the real taste of Mexico. A drive along the beach and boardwalk is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with the warm breeze and a stop for a yummy Mexican delicacy. For more information visit

How to relax: Zen at the spa

You don’t have to look far an opportunity to get your Zen on in this part of sunny Mexico. The Riviera Maya Cancun Luxury Spa at Ceiba del Mar gives the best of the best in Mexican spa treatments, from unique, natural and organic products to soothe your skin and nourish your body and soul, to personalized treatments. You’ll begin your session with an energy flow assessment that will help you and your consultant determine the type of treatment would best suit your body and spirit. Then you can pick from purifying mud wraps, skin-soothing facials, cleansing foot treatments, or try one of the signature massage treatments, the Top’Nikte Massage. After a deep massage, you’ll be cocooned in soft cotton clothes soaked in herbs to help release toxins and put your body at ease. It’s a spa treatment from heaven. For more information visit

A Mayan ritual — the Temazcal

To truly get in touch with your spiritual side and take part in an authentic ancient Mayan ritual, you might need to get a little dirty and sweaty. The hour-long ritual was created to purify the body and mind by enclosing yourself in a circular dark hut in the ground with hot stones in the center. The leader of the ritual pours water over the stones to create a sauna effect. More and more stones are added throughout the hour creating a deep cleansing steam and mediation helps you get in touch with your inner soul.

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