1. SUMMERSIDE INN BED & BREAKFAST Summerside, Prince Edward Island


The Summerside Inn Bed & Breakfast.  Credits: Summerside Inn B&B

This charming B&B looks like it was plucked right off the streets of Stars Hollow. The gorgeous blue historic house is complete with stained glass windows and a front sitting room perfect for people watching – although we’re not sure you’ll spy anyone as entertaining as Kirk.

The bustling seaside town is equally as enchanting. Key attractions include the Harbourfront Theatre, a ton of historical sites and a lineup of festivals on the boardwalk. And as a bonus, if you want to pull a Lorelai/Wild moment and decide to take up hiking, the Confederation Trail passes right through town.

Rooms start at $120 per night.



The Summer room.  Credits: Summerside Inn Bed & Breakfast




The Lady Macdonald Country Inn.  Credits: Lady Macdonald Country Inn

The mountains in the background are the only giveaway that you’re in Alberta, not Connecticut. The front of this two-storey inn looks exactly like The Dragonfly (except for maybe the colour) and it has a living room that we’re pretty sure could have doubled for the Gilmore’s house. 

Life in Canmore is all about the outdoors – it’s located in Banff National Park – so think hiking, biking, skiing, wildlife. (Luke would love it.)

Rooms start at $145 per night.


The Lady Macdonald common area.  Credits: Lady Macdonald Country Inn


3. HISTORIC DAVY HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


Historic Davy House Bed & Breakfast Inn.  Credits: Historic Davy House Bed & Breakfast Inn

We don’t ever find out where Luke and Lorelai go on their honeymoon, but the Historic Davy House with its lush gardens and gorgeous front porch would certainly be a romantic choice. Included with your stay is a gourmet breakfast made in a kitchen that Sookie would be proud to call her own.

And if you think the B&B is charming, just wait until you see the rest of town — not even Emily would be able to resist exploring the area’s many wineries, food tours, local boutiques and the beloved Shaw Festival.

Rooms start at $159 per night.



The Davy House B&B kitchen.  Credits: Historic Davy House Bed & Breakfast Inn




Phoenix House Bed & Breakfast.  Credits: Phoenix House Bed & Breakfast

This century home is the ideal jump-off point for all of the attractions in Stettler, including provincial parks, historical sites and community events like the annual Art Walk celebrating local artists. (Could you get more Stars Hollow?) For those looking for a loungey vacay, there’s always the White Sands beach on Buffalo Lake.

Rooms start at $100 per night.



The Phoenix House living room.  Credits: Phoenix House Bed & Breakfast


5. COLBY HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST Sydney, Nova Scotia


Colby House Bed & BreakfastCredits: Colby House Bed & Breakfast

You may not be able to smell snow like Lorelai, but surely you can imagine how cozy it would be to stay at Colby House in the middle of winter. (I mean, the MacDonald room is so gorgeous with its antique furniture and fireplace mantle that you would think Michel had a hand in the decorating.)

Once here, you’ll find that this seaside town has something for everyone: walking tours, a miner’s museum, a craft & design center, and the world’s largest fiddle. Taylor Doose would be so proud.

Rooms start at $125 per night.



The MacDonald Room.  Credits: Colby House Bed & Breakfast