Use a carry-on bag

Avoid checking in a baggage whenever possible. This eliminates the risk that your baggage will get lost during your travels (this happens more often than we might think.) Nothing is more disappointing than arriving at your destination without your personal belongings.

Carry-on bag essentials

If your suitcase needs to be checked-in, here’s what to put in your carry-on:

-Two sets of clothes and underwear

-If the destination is a sunny one, best to bring a bathing suit and a pair of sandals

-Small format beauty products and make-up essentials

-A toothbrush, small toothpaste tube and a hair brush

Medication for all family members

5 items you should always have before travelling

Often with her suitcase in hand, Carolyne never leaves home without:

A small Crazy Glue tube to repair any shoe sole or broken bag strap that might have fallen apart during your travels

-A small safety pin to replace a button that may come undone

-A fabric softener sheet to eliminate static on clothes especially in cold mountain destinations where the air is dry

-Vitamin C powder packets or pills to help boost your immune system during long flights

-Gravol, a chewable pill used for digestive troubles (which can often occur during travel.)

Bon voyage!

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