TCS World Travel tours start with flights that are so indulgent, the tour guide will have to tear you from your seat once you touch down. (Think a private jet that flies direct to even the most remote locales with a chef and flight crew to cater to your every whim.) The destinations are worth it. This year’s calendar includes a journey through the remote reaches of the Mediterranean and a 24-day world tour with stops like Marrakesh, Angkor Wat and Easter Island. BTDT? Pick a destination anywhere in the world and the company will create an itinerary for you.





Imagine a 1920s Parisian salon. Now imagine that it’s moving through some of the most romantic cities in Europe (Paris, Venice, Istanbul) while you, in your designer bathrobe, sip champagne. This is life in the new Grand Suite (available this month) on luxury train service Belmond. 





Here’s something to help erase those memories of back-seat sparring sessions with your bro on family road trips: All Roads North offers bespoke U.S. car journeys. It sets up your car and hotels, gives you dining and sightseeing options and acts as a personal concierge. 




The Ritz-Carlton is testing its sea legs with yacht cruises in the Mediterranean, Europe and the Caribbean beginning in 2019. (There will be penthouse suites, a resto helmed by a three-Michelin-star chef and, of course, a spa.) Reservations open in May.


This article first appeared in the March 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.