ELLE US editors reveal the proper way to speak, behave and travel on your next trip to New York City.

• Robbie Myers – Editor in Chief of ELLE US

• Joe Zee – Creative Director of ELLE US

• Anne Slowey – Fashion News Directror of ELLE US

• Emily Dougherty – Beauty & Fitness Director of ELLE US

• Joann Pailey – Market Director of ELLE US


Typical words, phrases or attitudes when entering a restaurant/shop

“Hello! (Or just smile….)”

RB: “Hello.”

JP: “Hey. A casual New Yorker type of greeting.”

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Typical words, phrases or attitudes when leaving a restaurant/shop

“Thank you!”

“Goodbye! Thank you!”

JP: “Thanks for everything!” It’s casual but polite.

Typical words, phrases or attitudes when saying hello to someone you know

ED: “I say "Hi buddy" too much. My dad always says it, and it makes me happy. Like everyone is a friend.”

Typical words, phrases or attitudes when greeting someone

ED: “I love to give hugs to friends, but for work, I just shake hands.”

AS: “Kisses.”

JZ: “Kisses.”

Trendy words/expressions

“Everyone is saying "next level" about anything that’s new/better/best.”

“Definitely "Amazing". Seems like everything is "Amazing!" these days! It’s positive and upbeat.”

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The biggest don’ts

ED: “Don’t forget to leave a tip. Always tip in NYC.”


How to pack and what luggage to use

ED: “I try not to check in any luggage – even on long trips. It seems to get lost whenever I check it in. I’ll buy the liquid beauty products I need (like conditioner) once I get to my destination, and pack as many powders (cleansers, treatments, even dry shampoo) as possible. My current favourite suitcase is the navy-blue Tumi Vapor. So light, but holds a lot and is so easy to wheel around.”

“Judiciously and in Louis Vuitton.”

“For weekends, a T. Anthony duffel bag or a small carry-on bag from WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie or L.L.Bean. For overseas, a big Tumi suitcase with a Hermès tote carry-on. The T. Anthony and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie are usually made of canvas with leather trim and are chic and understated. The Tumi because it is durable and you can fit a tone of stuff in it.”

JZ: “A Tumi carry-on and wrinkle free clothes.”

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nyc-lifestyle-tips-002.jpgThe best travel outfit

ED: “T-shirt by Alexander Wang, Lika Mimika fur-lined espadrilles, as much J Crew cashmere as possible. Comfort is key.”

RM: “A pair of J Brand jeans and a Reed Krakoff sweater.”

JP: “A pair of jeans and a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater for anywhere in the US and my favourite black viscose knit Chanel dress for overseas. Both options are comfortable (the Chanel dress surprisingly so). It looks very dressed up, but feels like pyjamas.”

“A pair of jeans, high top sneakers and a sweatshirt: comfortable.”

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The must-have items on the plane

“Aquaphor, Crème de La Mer, Herban Essentials Lavender antibacterial towelettes; I always bring my own earplugs and eye mask. I’ll put a layer of Aquaphor on top of the Crème de La Mer to keep my skin hydrated. The Herban Essentials have some antibacterial qualities, and smell so relaxing. Great on long haul flights.”

RM: “An iPad.”

JP: “My iPad to watch my favourite TV series or movies. It makes time go by so fast and then you are there!”

JZ: “A computer, headphones and music. I don’t want to talk to the person next to me.”

Beauty tips to look fresh upon arrival

ED: “Hot shower, coffee, SK-II mask (not necessarily in that order).”

RM: “Use a cleanser.”

“Stay hydrated as much as possible during the flight. And pack a small snack like almonds so your energy does not become low.”

JZ: “Sleep and drink some water.”

How to beat jetlag

ED: “Look up to the sky, get out into the sunlight when you land: your body’s photoreceptors are essential to regulate jet lag.”

RM: “Stay awake.”

JP: “Hit the ground running and try to stay up as late as you can!”

“Take some Ambien.”

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What to drink & eat on the plane

ED: “Skip the food on the plane, bring your own. Drink tons of water.”

RM: “Avoid the food on the plane if possible.”

JP: “Again, stay hydrated and avoid both caffeine and alcohol. Pack bags of your favourite tea and when on board you only have to ask for hot water. It’s comforting to have a familiar flavour.”

JZ: “I love plane food.”


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