Milan travel guide: The best beauty addresses

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The team at ELLE Italy give you the best beauty locations for a fun shopping spree in Milan.

ELLE Italy team members reveal their favourite locations for getting a massage, gorgeous nails and the best beauty products in Milan.

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Galleria del Corso, 4, 20122 Milan
39 02 76307301
One of the best department stores in Milan where you can find whatever your heart desires. The first floor is packed with beauty products, while there are clothes upstairs and a fine grocer downstairs. Don’t miss the Olfattorio corner where you can have your own perfume made to order.
DS: “A luxury department store with the best brands and a place where you can have your perfume made to order.”


Piazza del Duomo 3, 20121 Milan
39 02 88521
The Rinascente is a symbolic place in Milan. This huge department store is located just in front of the Duomo, and the ground floor offers a huge range of cosmetics from the most famous brands.
FET: “Beauty products from every brand: from the most famous and sought-after brands to niche and organic ones. This beauty shop also has a good selection of fragrances.”

Corso Monforte 2, 20122 Milan
39 02 076000063
Mazzolari is a huge store selling brands and beauty products from all over the world. This is the best place to find everything you need very quickly.
BT: “The best Milanese beauty shop: you can find everything there, from perfume to the latest skincare products. You can even take a makeup class. They provide great advice.”

Via Brera, 6, 20121 Milan
39 02 7202333
This shop is amazing because of the diversity of the products it sells. You’ll find a great selection of rare perfumes including Maison Francis Kukdjian, Frédéric Malle, and more.
FT: “You can find the most sought-after perfume there.”

SLIDESHOW: The best BEAUTY products for spring

Via Ausonio 16, 20123 Milan
39 02 83241834
Ylang Ylang is an extraordinary beauty shop carrying only the finest and most exclusive brands in a truly beautiful decor.
NT: “A beauty shop which has made innovation its specialty: Australian creams, retro make up and Italian perfume.”

Find the best locations for a manicure in Milan on the next page…

The Violette salon


Viale Col di Lana, 1, 20136 Milan
39 02 89404538
Everything is pretty in this little nail salon. With the owner making you feel welcomed immedidately, you’ll be taken care of from hands to feet.
FT: “For a rainbow manicure: each nail is painted in a different colour.”
NT: “The fashion editors’ favourite nail bar. It is decorated like a cosy house and a vintage shop.”

SLIDESHOW: The most red carpet-worthy NAIL POLISH

Via Solferino 46, 20121 Milan
39 02 62694537
Milan is catching up with New York when it comes to nail spas. Enhancement is one of the best in town, offering a wide range of treatments. The most uniaue? The Champagne pedicure: a complete pedicure that you can enjoy while sipping champagne.
BT: “Perfumed candles, silence and a wide selection of manicure and pedicure treatments “à la carte”. My favourite? Manicure a la crème Claude, with nutrient massage and having artificial nails put with a warm glove.”

Piazza del Duomo 3, 20121 Milan
39 02 88521
The Rinascente is a symbolic place in Milan. This huge department store is located just in front of the Duomo, and the ground floor offers a wide range of cosmetics from the most famous brands. And like many beauty stores, La Rinascente now has a nail bar.
DS: “This is heaven for beauty addicts: the best in manicures confined in a small space.”

Via Panfilo Castaldi 20, Milan
39 02 29519283
Violette’s owner, Helena Komarova, is a famous make-up artist. She’s worked with Pat McGrath for 6 years and often works for Milan’s fashion shows, her work having appeared in a string of prestigious glossy magazines. Violette’s atmosphere is completely relaxed, even if most of the customers are celebrities.
FET: “The best nail salon in town, coveted by girls working in the fashion industry. They use Essie nail polish in many different shades, play great music, and lend you small cashmere blankets. The salon is decorated with vintage furniture.”


Via Santa Maria alla Porta 1, 20123 Milan
39 02 02866782
The decor is very refined in this spa, where you can book a massage (body or face), or even a wax or manicure. It’s a tranquil and relaxing haven of pure zen in the middle of a busy neighbourhood.
NT: “A wellness oasis just steps away from the Stock exchange which offers revolutionary skincare treatments from around the world. And to fight stress, they present you with an oxygenating aromatherapy treatment!”

Love your skin and read up on the new COLOUR-CORRECTING CREAMS

Via Giuseppe Mercalli, 7, 20122 Milan
39 02 5830 9841
This place looks a bit like a clinic, but it’s because some of the treatments you can undergo here are considered medical: laser, fillers… But if you are not looking for something drastic, go for one of the many fantastic massages they offer.
FET: “Very chic, targeted treatments, a major centre of medical aesthetics founded in 1955. The bonus: the highly qualified staff.”

Corso Sempione, 30, 20154 Milan
39 02 87069980
Romans Club is a very special place entirely dedicated to your well-being. The centre houses a Red Door Elizabeth Arden salon, a Godiva hair spa and a Natura Bisse spa for your skin.
BT: “A wonderful place for beauty and fitness where you can try the famous Red Door by Elizabeth Arden massage and the anti-ageing facial by Natura Bisse.”


Corso Venezia 15, Milan
39 02 76408888
Want to feel like a star? Head to the Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Farm! You can spend the entire day here being pampered by a very professional staff with the latest in beauty technology.
DS: “Face and body with Hi-Tech material.”

Via Gesù, 6-8, 20121 Milan
39 02 77088
The Four Seasons Spa is brand new, having opened in June. Aromatherapy, face and body massages… it’s the new temple of relaxation.
FT: “For the treatments done with the slightest attention to detail.”

We’ve found the best spas for a massage and they’re listed on the next page…

The Bulgaria Hotel
& Spa


Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 7/b, 20121 Milan
39 02 805 8051
The Bulgari Hotel Spa is a great place to come for a really luxurious experience of relaxation. Everything is delicate, and the atmosphere is truly peaceful. FT: “For the stone therapy.”
DS: “This place has a very Milanese feel to it thanks to the architect Antonio Citterio: discrete and contemporary.”

SLIDESHOW: The best MASSAGE and body oils

Via Angelo Mauri, 5, 20144 Milan
39 02 48517588
Here you can enjoy different kinds of massages at very attractive prices. Slimming, relaxing, toning, refreshing massages… they have it all.
FET: “Milanese people’s concept of urban well-being. You will enjoy luxurious treatments in a minimalist setting.”

Via Mauro Macchi, 34, (corner of via Scarlatti 27), 20124 Milan
39 02 66703916
Russian Steam Bath: Monday, Thursday – only for men / Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – only for women / Saturday, Sunday – men/women
This is a truly typical Russian Steam Bath, offering a wide range of treatments: Chinese, Thai, honey massages. Deciding which one you will try will be the toughest part of the day…
NT: “Massages with birch branches, yogurt scrubs and Russian baths such as those that appealed to Pietro II Grande (Peter The Great).”


2 Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro, Corner Via Filippetti, 20135 Milan
39 02 54100164
This place is simply incredible. Discover a peaceful space in the heart of Milan. Just try and choose between the Spanish Gardens, the Turkish Baths and all the incredible treatments available here.
BT: “Two hours just for me, to get a massage, enjoy the sauna and the Turkish baths. You can also relax in an external pool with hydro massage.”

Check out these luxurious hot SPA getaways

12 viale Monte Grappa, 20124 Milan
39 02 2900 9858
Discreetly settled in the Maison Moschino hotel, the Art Spa is a haven of peace, proposing a wide variety of relaxing and invigorating massages after a long day of shopping. And of course, if you can’t seem to leave, try one of their wonderful facials to give yourself a beauty boost.

The best shops for herbs and hairdressers are listed on the next page…

The storefront of Centro Botanico


Piazza San Marco, 1, 20121 Milan
39 02 29013254
This shop is a kind of supermarket where everything is organic. You can buy everything here: food, decoration, baby stuff, books… And if you’re hungry, let yourself be tempted by a take-away.
FET: “The historical address for organic food and beauty products. There is also a small café which serves excellent pieces of cake.”
NT: “A quiet mall that sells organic products: food, baby food, beauty creams and other scented organic beauty products.”

SLIDESHOW: The top PLACES to visit in Milan

Via Vallazze 116, 20131 Milan
39 02 70600600
Erbe Salute is one of the oldest herbalists in Milan. The house presents you with natural cosmetics and herbal remedies.
DS: “The oldest herbalist in Milan since 1944.”

Via Giovanni Rasori, 2, 20145 Milan
39 02 48013888
At first sight, this place looks like a simple pharmacy. But if you look closer, you will understand that it is actually a place dedicated to health and well-being. Presenting you with the best in both natural and alternative medicine, the Farmacia Legnani is a place like no other.
BT: “Not only a pharmacy but an incredible beauty space with recipes made to order and special treatments (cream and natural supplements). Everything is done under the special advisory of experts.”
NT: “The most interesting homeopathic pharmacy in Milan, the most specialized, the most serious, with the most products. It sells homemade holistic remedies.”


Via Boccaccio 15/A, 20149 Milan
39 02 4815568
Di Luca is a very famous chain of beauty salons in Milan (with two locations). The hairdressers are famous for being some of the best in town.
NT: “The favourite hairdresser of the ""MilanBene"". He always dyes hair perfectly. It is his specialty. He also has his own brand of hair care products.”


Via Cosimo Del Fante, 6, 20122 Milan
39 02 36585320
A very young and trendy hair salon where the staff knows just what to do to give your hair a new look (with style and treatment).
FT: “Fashionable haircuts but always perfect.”

Get pampered: 10 SPAS to try this year

Viale Pasubio 12, 20100 Milan
39 02 65560542
Elie Saab, Cerruti, Stefanel, Roberto Cavalli… Franco Curletto has worked with the greatest fashion designers during the ready-to-wear shows, but he can also take care of your hair. Colour and shape are his forte.
BT: “Shampoo and custom-made ritual treatments by Kerastase and Shu Uemura. Franco’s style is unique, he cuts hair beautifully. You must try the eyebrow wax.”

Via San Pietro all’Orto 26, 20121 Milan
39 02 76021631
If you are looking for a special place, you’ve come to the right place: Piergiuseppe Moroni is no ordinary hair salon. The ground floor is dedicated to art, with regularly changing photography exhibitions. For your hair, go to the first floor to be taken care of by an expert.
FET: “Very well studied cuts and perfect colour. Piergiuseppe can translate and recreate the most popular hair trends. Top products and VIP clientele.”

SLIDESHOW: Spring’s prettiest HAIR trends

Via Vincenzo Monti 27, 20123 Milan
39 02 4802 7137
Famous all over the world for the edgy looks they create, this chain of hair salons settled down in Milan, one of the biggest fashion cities in the world to continue creating their edgy looks.
DS: “Sergio is a genius with short hair. He will also surprise you with what he can do with long hair. And to top it off, they use excellent products.”

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