ELLE Italy members share their advice for the best ways to interact with the culture in the beautiful city of Milan.

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Typical words, phrases or attitudes when entering a restaurant/shop

FET: “Buongiorno, posso dare un’occhiata (boutique) and “Buongiorno” or “buonasera”, “Abbiamo una prenotazione a nome.”; ”Oppure Vorrei un tavolo per 2 persone” (al ristorante). = “Hello, can I have a look (in a boutique)?”, “Good morning” or “good evening”, and “We have a reservation under the name” ….. or “We would like a table for 2 (in a restaurant).

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FT: “Buongiorno” (Hello)

DS: “"Look around to make sure it is crowded but complain that you can’t hear when somebody is talking to you.”
“Che casino! No if può nemmeno chiacchiera” = “What a mess! We cannot even discuss.”
It means that the place is worth it.

BT: ““Buongiorno” (Hello) or “Buonasera” (Good evening)

NT: “Saying hello without exaggerating, because Milanese people do not like to show their emotions.”

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milan-lifestyle-tips-002.jpgTypical words, phrases or attitudes when leaving a restaurant/shop

FET: “Grazie, arrivederci.” = "Thank you, goodbye.”

“Grazie (thank you), a presto (see you soon)”

“If you want to get noticed, leave a good tip. Nobody does it nowadays.”

BT: “Arrivederci e grazie” = "Goodbye and thank you"

NT: “Saying hello without exaggerating, because Milanese people do not like to show their emotions.”

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Typical words, phrases or attitudes when saying Hello to someone you know

FET: “Ciao, come stai?” = "Hello, how are you?”

FT: “Hey!”

DS: ““Ciao, tutto a posto?" = "Hello. How’s everything?”. It’s a very engaging way of asking how someone is doing. You can use this phrase for your family and at work.”

BT: ““Ciao cara/o , come stai?” = "Hello dear / or, how are you?”. With hugs and kisses on the cheeks.”

NT: “Smiling with measure, because well-educated people are very much appreciated.”

Typical words, phrases or attitudes when greeting someone

FET: “Kisses (if you know the person well) or a handshake.”

FT: “Two kisses on the cheek”.

DS: “Two kisses on the cheeks and hug each other dearly to show warmth and interest.”

BT: “Che gioia vederti! Come va?” = “What a joy to see you! How are you?"

NT: “Two kisses. This is what we do all over Italy.”

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milan-lifestyle-tips-002.jpgTrendy words/expressions

FET: “Top. Instead of cool, just say “Top””.

FT: “Figo! = “Wow that’s great”! / “Divina”! = “It’s divine” / “Top!” = “It’s great!”

DS: “Anche no = Also no / Instead of just saying "no."

BT: “Che bello, mi piace tantissimo!” = "How nice, I love it!"

NT: “Che carino! (“How pretty/nice/cute”), because a nice comment is always appreciated.”

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The biggest don’ts

FET: “Talking too loudly, double parking, leaving your phone turned on at the restaurant. Always remember to respect the dress code.”

FT: “Talking loudly on the phone in public, saying "Salve" (“Hi”), and "Piacere" (“Looking forward to seeing you again”).

DS: “Don’t say “Salve” ("Hi"). It makes you sound old very fast.”

BT: “Saying “Piacere!” (“Looking forward to see you again”) or “Buon appetito!” (“Bon appétit”)

NT: “"Quanto guadagni?" ("How much do you earn?"). It is impolite to ask such a thing.”


How to pack and what luggage to use

FET: “A full sturdy and well closed suitcase. It can be small and you can add an empty bag inside to fill it up with all your purchases.”

FT: “Roll up everything and put small accessories and small jewellery in shoes. Soft suitcases with wheels are better.

DS: “A suitcase with wheels with the strict minimum. It’s practical, Milanese women travel a lot and are very rational.”

“Ultra-light carry-on suitcase, miniature products, garments rolled or in clear plastic bags.”

NT: “Roll up trousers and pullovers, and put them in a suitcase with wheels. It’s the most practical and intelligent solution.”

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milan-lifestyle-tips-002.jpgThe best travel outfit

“A trench coat, leggings, ballerina shoes and a hoodie: because it is convenient and versatile.”

FT: “A pair of trousers, a pullover, cashmere socks and flat boots: for the convenience and versatility of cashmere.”

DS: “A pair of jeans, a boyfriend shirt, a cardigan and a pair of sneakers. It’s practical”

BT: “A pashmina scarf, low heels and skinny jeans.”

“Black and grey with riding boots or ballerina shoes. It’s the practical and such a chic solution.”

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The must-have items on the plane

FET: “A big Pashmina scarf, a Kindle, an iPad or a book.”

FT: “Sleeping pills, a night mask and a cup of cappuccino: to be able to sleep during the whole flight.”

DS: “A pashmina scarf and a book : against the cold and for the well-being (of the soul).”

BT: “A book, an iPod, a pashmina scarf and chewing-gums.”

NT: "Milanese books:"Un amore" (A love) by Dino Buzzati or Alda Merini’s poetry.”

Beauty tips to look fresh upon arrival

FET: “A good moisturizer and a thermal water spray. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Upon arrival, put on nice lipstick and some perfume.”

FT: “Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Rilastil drops: to not lose your tan and cure cracked skin.”

DS: “Moisturizing cream and a strong coloured blush: for the skin and to add a hint of colour to your face.”

BT: “Drink lots of water, moisturize your skin and take a nap.”

NT: “Go to the HIKI Spa (via Carlo Farini 35, 20159, Milan tel. 0390269000455), in the Isola district. The Ayurveda and Dosha massages will put you back into shape.”

How to beat jetlag

FET: “Resist, resist, resist!”

“Take melatonin, for the sleep-wake biorhythms.”

DS: “Sleep as much as possible, when and where it is made possible. Have a long hot and cold shower upon arrival. It immediately makes you feel good.”

BT: “Take one extra coffee to stay awake until bedtime.”

NT: “Drink a camparino at the Bar Basso (via Plinio 39, 20129, Milan, tel 39 0229400580).”

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What to drink & eat on the plane

FET: “Nibble on the dishes served on the plane out of simple curiosity. Drink lots of water; bring some energy bars from home with you."

“Lots of water with some lemon to fight dehydration.”

DS: "Eat light, no fats or carbohydrates, and drink only water at room temperature (1.5 liters). It’s good for you in the long run.”

“Don’t drink wine and avoid eating anything too elaborate and rich.”

NT: “Eat a little and drink lots of water. Water hydrates your face’s dry skin. Long flights tend to dry your skin up.”

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