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Italian ELLE members share their favourite cultural hot spots in Milan.

ELLE Italy editors, directors, contributors and journalists have cultivated this amazing collection of hotels, museums and markets for all of your shopping needs in Milan.

• Danda Santini – Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Italy

• Eugenio Gallavotti – Deputy Editor of ELLE Italy

Fashion Team
• Alberto Zanoletti – Fashion Director of ELLE Italy
• Benedetta dell’Orto – Deputy Fashion Director of ELLE Italy

Beauty & Lifestyle Team
• Sabrina Bottone – Beauty Director of ELLE Italy
• Fiona Diwan – Lifestyle contributor of ELLE Italy

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• Silvia Locatelli – Features Editor of ELLE Italy
• Benedetta dell’Orto – Deputy Fashion Director of ELLE Italy

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• Micaela Tenace – Features journalist of ELLE Italy


Via Gesù, 6/8, 20121 Milan
39 02 77088
Right in the middle of the Quadrilatero della moda, The Four Seasons Hotel is the place to stay at if you want to live an elegant and refined experience.
BT: “In an ancient monastery overlooking an interior garden. It’s the ideal place to have a cup of tea. The place also counts a restaurant and a luxury spa.”

4 DESIGNER HOTELS for a very fashionable getaway

Via Manzoni 29, 20121 Milan
39 02 0272 3141
This hotel is incredible as it is both luxurious on the inside and classic on the outside. Just behind the buzzing Via Montenapoleone, it’s the perfect hotel to stay at when you want to shop till you drop.
FET: “This is the Historic Grand Hotel where Giuseppe Verdi used to live. It is furnished with period pieces. As it is located in the heart of the Fashion District, it is only a few steps away from La Scala.”

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 8, 20144 Milan
39 02 58 10 91 14
On the banks of the Naviglio Grande, you will feel as though you are in Venice… but while being in Milan. Not far from the busy heart of the city, this hotel is peaceful, intimate and ideal for a romantic trip.
FT: “A house on the canal where you feel at home.”

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Via Medici, 4, 20123 Milan
39 02 36582720
This is a place like no other. A hostel upstairs and a nice restaurant / bar downstairs, go there to enjoy la dolce vita!
NT: “A few steps away from the Duomo, a radical chic hostel with a restaurant specializing in grandmothers’ style cuisine. There is also a bookshop, a garden, hammocks, barbecues and free cultural events.”


Viale Piave, 42, 20129 Milan
39 02 20581
A very chic hotel located just a few steps away from the busy via Monte Napoleone and the Quadrilatero della Moda. This place is crowded with designers and celebrities.
DS: “Great atmosphere, a beautiful and lush garden where you will enjoy dining in the summer or have a drink during happy hour with "cool people””.

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12 viale Monte Grappa, 20124 Milan
39 02 2900 9858
Set in an old train station in the center of Milan, the Maison Moschino hotel is trendy but with a twist, typical of the Moschino brand. With rooms offering different styles in fun designs, and a large terrace in front to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks and a DJ at night in the open air (weather permitting!), it is a very memorable place to stay.

Head out for an afternoon walk in Milan with our suggestions on the next page…

milan-lifestyle-addresses-002.jpgFOR AN AFTERNOON WALK

“From the Brera district to Corso Garibaldi, passing by Fiori chiari and Fiori oscuri streets and, the Piazza del Carmine. Romantic view of old Milan, between elegant shop windows, cobblestone streets, unusual courtyards and small bistros.”

“Brera. Because it is pleasant to go for a stroll in little streets and snoop around in home decoration shops.”

BT: “Corso Magenta and San Giovanni sul Muro. A cup of coffee in Marchesi, window shopping in the Bardelli and some antiques in San Giovanni sur Muro. Then a tour in Buscemi for rare CDs and end with a last stop by the Bar Magenta.”

DS: “The ancient roman streets behind via Torino: via Santa Marta, via San Maurilio, via del Torchio, via S. Orsola… It’s wonderful to get lost among the winding streets, without a car, among the antique dealers, jewellers and small workshops.”

NT: “Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 20144 Milan: the fair of Sinigaglia (flea market) to the Romanesque church of San Cristoforo, a walk in the heart of Stendhal’s beloved Milan.”

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(Antiques market) On the banks of Naviglio Grande, Milan
FET: “In this Antiques market (more than 400 stalls), you can find antique, modern and flea market treasures, which make this place unique, charming, and popular amongst stylists and designers. The street also counts many art galleries and restaurants.”
FT: “For the vintage items.”

Serra delle Sorelle Riva Via Arena, in front of number 7, Milan
39 338 770 2000 and 39 02 839 50 26
BT: “A poetic and romantic glasshouse in the heart of Milan, right by the columns of San Lorenzo and one of the most beautiful basilicas in the city. Pure magic.”

(Flowers market) Via Lombroso 53, 20137 Milan
39 0255005308
DS: “Only for wholesale retailers during the week. It is also open on Saturdays for the general public. If you want to get the best deals, you have to come around noon.”

Via Cechov – in front of "Centro Commerciale Bonola" (Bonola mall)
NT: “Every Sunday from dawn until the early hours of the afternoon, this flea market is usually full of good surprises.”


FET: “This is a beautiful park, ideal for a walk, to run, rest and discover Milan’s historic Liberty Planetarium.”

FT: “For the streams and the weeping willows. There is also a planetarium inside.”

Via Palestro, Milan
BT: “A garden in the heart of the city with an optional view on the Park or the Museo di Storia Naturale.”

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Piazzetta Guastalla, 20122 Milan
39 02 77404343
DS: “A peaceful haven between the synagogue and the town library, with a large pond and many children.”

Via Feltre, 20134 Milano
NT: “It is the largest and greenest park in Milan. It is famous for the concerts that were organized to protest in the 70s. The skate park is a bonus (”

Check out the best museums in Milan on the next page…


Via San Vittore, 21, 20123 Milan
39 02 48 555 558

In this museum you will learn while having fun. Everything is explained in an interesting way which is especially great for children. And the place is simply beautiful.
FT: “For the greatness of each installation and of the archways.”

Corso Venezia, 55, 20121 Milan
39 02 88463337

This is a natural history museum where you can see human and animal skeletons. Children will be thoroughly impressed!
DS: “There are mammoths and tyrannosaurus, stuffed birds and ferocious beasts.

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Via Palestro, 14, 20121, Milan
39 02 884 46359

A contemporary art centre which aims at educating people to art by presenting them with free guided visits and workshops.
BT: “1200 paintings on three floors with a huge window overlooking a beautiful garden. The museum often hosts art shows and events of the contemporary art world.”

Via Mozart, 14 – 20122 Milan
39 02 76340121

This is the ancient house of a wealthy couple which belonged to the upper class of Milanese industrials. The house was designed in the ’30s and is still standing and furnished. It is full of beautiful paintings and works of art.
NT: “Designed by Portaluppi in the 30s, the villa is a small well-arranged museum that tells the epic life of great industrialist Milanese dynasties.”



Corso como, 10, 20154 Milan
39 02 29002674
A beautiful concept store where you’ll find everything from the latest fashionable books and designs, to the newest in clothing trends from the biggest international brands. The decor is peaceful with a huge and tranquil coffee shop surrounded by greenery. And if you want to linger, the house offers rooms as well.
FT: “For the outdoor area and the choice of items.”

Via della Palla, 2, 20123 Milan
39 02 869541
To find everything: books, DVDs, CDs, electronic devices… What more could you want?
DS: “You won’t only find books and CDs there.”

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Via U. Hoepli, 5, 20121 Milan
39 02 864871
A great store showcasing a wide variety of books. Whatever your language, you’re sure to find something as this shop sells books in many different languages.
BT: “An extraordinary selection of books. Don’t miss the first floor where all the art, fashion and photography books are exposed on big tables.”

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 2, 20121 Milan
39 02 876394
For the past 30 years, MilanoLibri has been selling books to all readers coming through its door. Conveniently located (just behind La Scala and a few steps away from the Duomo), this store is a dream come true for every book lover.
FET: “A library filled with art, photography, fashion and design books. Large choice of books. Here, they advise you personally and with great passion, which is quite rare.

Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16, 20123 Milan
39 02 4674471
Rossana Orlandi created a symbolic space with an art gallery, a reputable shop and even an excellent restaurant. A place like no other.
NT: “Abundance of design, talent pool, world of creation, with a restaurant (Pane e Acqua) attached to it.”

Pick up some unique pieces at the best home decor shops in Milan on the next page…

milan-lifestyle-addresses-002.jpgHOME DECORATION SHOPS

Via Durini 17, 20122 Milan
39 02 76398051
Bellora is a famous spa, and this shop is the perfect place to buy bed linen, candles or other lovely items for the house. Ideal to transform your home into a peaceful haven.
DS: “Beautiful bed linen, duvets and bed covers in different colours every season.”

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Rinascente di piazza Duomo, Entrances: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via San Raffaele and Via Santa Radegonda, Milan
39 02 88521
La Rinascente is one of the biggest department stores of Milan, also with an entire floor dedicated to design and home decoration: surely something for everyone.
BT: “A crafted selection of design objects: lamps, tableware, suitcases, and stationary."

Via San Gregorio 39, 20124 Milan
39 02 67079142
Preferably by appointment
Claudio Loria, the owner, deals with art and design objects at L’Eclettico where you will find whatever you could wish for and even more.
NT: “Exclusive furniture and an owner who knows everything about home decoration and is ready to give you great advice.”

Via Madonnina, 5, Milan
39 02 86 05 89
Everything is chic and luxurious in this shop with everything you need to decorate your home in the purest Italian way.
FET: “Sophisticated cave of ethnic-baroque wonders. You can find unexpected pieces of furniture such as a branch of coral or even magic boxes there.”

Via Olona, 25, 20123 Milan
39 02 89400788

This fabric shop is incredible, amidst the extensive range of fabrics from not only Italy but around the world, as well as their own unique line of decorative fabrics. You’ll be greeted with a smile while you take in the beautiful fabrics and patterns they offer. In a word : inspiring.
FT: “There are also old scraps stored there.”


Piazza XXV Aprile 12, Milan
39 02 624 1101
Don’t be fooled by its name. This shop is anything but an electronic device store. It’s a cool and funky store where you can find gifts for everybody. Home decoration, kitchenware, stationery… you will certainly find something to please your loved ones… or yourself!
FET: “In a courtyard typical of old Milan. You will find many things ranging from home fragrances, designer goods, gadgets, kitchen tools to knitwear… It is impossible to leave this shop without buying at least one thing! High Tech has a big brother that focuses more on furniture, sofas and tableware. This second shop is located in Via Meucci 39.”
FT: “The Kingdom of unnecessary things: everything is absolutely useless but you can’t do without them.”
BT: “A wonderful shop to find perfume, stationary, lamps and kitchenware within a wide range of prices.”
NT: “This is an industrial warehouse behind the Martesana which is a true temple for original and exotic home furniture and gadgets.”

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Piazza del Duomo 3, 20121 Milan
39 02 88521
This huge department store is packed with a great selection of designer pieces ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty, home decoration, even gourmet goods and everything else you could imagine. Be sure not to skip the fabulous rooftop café overlooking the Duomo after the hours of shopping you’ll do there!
DS: “Clothes, accessories, beauty, design…”

Find out where you can get the best wine in Milan on the next page…

milan-lifestyle-addresses-002.jpgWINE SHOPS

Via Paolo Sarpi, 30, 20154 Milan
39 02 3315249
Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, the family who runs Cantine Isola welcomes you for a glass of wine, or even to buy a bottle. The wide selection channels excellent French and Italian wines, but also German and Australian wines. A historic wine bar on a charming street, very popular for aperitivo as well.
FT: “While you drink your glass of wine, you can be given advice on the best bottle of wine to buy.”
NT: “This is a trendy wine shop in the heart of Chinatown which has an impressive selection of the best Italian wines.”

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Via San Vincenzo, 12, 20123 Milan
39 02
This place is great to buy wine coming from all-around the world, but also to indulge in Italian traditional sweets, like jam, honey or little biscuits.
DS: “Authentic rarity from 1865.”

Via Carlo Poerio 3, 20129 Milan
39 02 76318892
Here, everything revolves around wine and it will be the main element around whatever you choose to eat.
BT: “Milan’s historical wine-bar has great Italian wines that accompany cheese or sausage platters (but also excellent pasta). You will find the best wines here.”


Via San Marco 2, Milan 20121
39 02 6599650
This wine bar is made entirely of cork, wood and red velvet. For almost 40 years, the house has been selecting liquor and wine in a relaxed atmosphere. Sun lovers can sip your wine while seated on a bench outside the shop: lovely in the summer.
FET: “Former refectory of the Augustinian friars that has been converted into a cellar with a huge and delicious wine and liquor selection.”


Via Cesare Correnti 10, 20123 Milan
39 02 72023525
This is a supermarket where everything is organic. You can buy it all here: food, decoration, baby products, books… And if you’re hungry, let yourself be tempted by a take-away.
BT: “In a place that embraces natural, tasty organic food, especially exotic. It also includes a bookstore and a bistro.”

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Piazza 5 Giornate, 1/A, 20129 Milan
39 02 92870066
This is the place to go to for fine traditional Italian products when you want to cook. DS: “Natural foods.”


Piazza 25 Aprile, 5, 20154 Milan
39 02 29060832

To find the best bread and pastries in Milan, this shop is absolutely incredible, not to mention beautiful – even the uniforms of the staff are designed by Giorgio Armani. The huge windows allow you to watch the bakers in action!

Via Solferino, 12, 20121, Milan
39 02 6599556
A famous and fine caterer located in the heart of Milan. Be careful though, once you step inside, you will want to taste everything.
FET: “An excellent food and wine shop address in the heart of the Brera area. Great products, a real treat for your taste buds.”

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