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Via Adige, 9, 20135 Milan
39 02 54 62 930
Alice was created by two women: a chef and a sommelier. Vivianne, the chef, cooks with her heart and the freshest products. Living for her art, she always tries to make the most traditional cuisine a bit more modern.
BT: “Flavours of the land and the sea in every possible way in this cosy place that deserves a Michelin star. Delicious presentations. You must try the “Prato fiorito” (Flowery meadows), with vegetables, flowers and fish.”

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Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286, 20142, Milan
39 02 87380711
It looks like a canteen but it’s so much more! The staff are a happy bunch of friends who transmit their energy to the great atmosphere here. The cuisine is Italian, simple and organic. Frequented by the locals, it’s a truly great spot.
NT: “An inn with organic fair trade vegetables. Discounts are given to those who come by bike and on Sundays, there is a nanny service for those who have kids and want to brunch.”

Via Montebello, 7, 20121 Milan
3902 29 01 43 90
The first thing you’ll notice when you enter are the flowers: they’re everywhere you look (and they’re also for sale). Then, count on the delicious food to content your taste buds.
FT: “For the atmosphere filled with flowers and perfume.”

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Via Senato, 5, 20121 Milan
39 02 781 255
A gourmet restaurant settled in the luxurious Carlton Hotel Baglioni, a great place to go for delicate Mediterranean food.
FET: "For the classic and refined atmosphere of Milanese high society like in the movie "le sono l’Amore". Divine dishes, impeccable service.”

Read on for more fabulous restaurant suggestions in Milan…

milan-eat-addresses-002.jpgIL LUOGO DI AIMO E NADIA
Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli, 6, 20147 Milan
39 02 416 886
For the past 50 years, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia has been carrying on a tradition: providing its customers with fine food thanks to daring and original Italian recipes.
FET: “Italian excellence mixed with Haute Cuisine. The Moroni spouses are behind the restaurant’s amazing chefs. Very beautiful setting.”

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Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18, 20124 Milan
39 02 2952 2124
A great restaurant offering bistro cuisine with a twist. The chef likes to mix it all: Chinese and Japanese influences blend perfectly with Italian recipes. Refreshing.
FET: "The best vegetarian cuisine in a Haute-Couture setting. Pietro Lehmann is a star Chef who pays attention to the slightest detail, including the visual aspect of his dishes. For the Milanese veal chops.”

Via Padova 3, 20100 Milan
39 02 2613224

This is a small Asian restaurant where the design is simple but the atmosphere is warm, and the food delicious. Don’t be fooled by its modest appearance.
NT: “Very spicy Oriental cuisine in a whimsical atmosphere of recycled objects. The restaurant is run by a group of well assorted creative people.”

Via Matteo Bandello, 14, 20124 Milan
Located inside Spazio Rossana Orlandi (a huge space with an art gallery and a vintage store), this restaurant welcomes you with its bistro cuisine after a trip to the art gallery for some inspiring food.
FT: “The owner, Rossana Orlandi, has a very beautiful gallery in the next door courtyard.”

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Via Bagutta, 1, 20121 Milan
39 02 76022297
A very famous and old restaurant nestled in the heart of Milan. The restaurant is so successful that another one recently opened in New York, and a third one will soon open in Hong Kong.
DS: “Elegant, fast, rigorous: the perfect place for a break when you’re shopping in the "Quadrilatero della moda" (fashion area in Milan).”

Via della Commenda 43, 20122 Milan
39 02 54 50 765
This place was born from the imagination of a fashion designer and a restaurateur. Everything here is organic and presented in a design decor. In addition, the house now offers what they call "culinary cosmetics": a line of beauty products made only with edible ingredients.
BT: “Young and effervescent (they also feature many art shows), very carefully prepared dishes, simple but refined, with top-notch quality ingredients (all organic).”

Via Tagiura, 5, 20146 Milan
39 02 48950613
You can do everything here from buy fresh bread, have lunch, enjoy an aperitivo (a Milanese tradition: a buffet-style appetizer in the early evening) or savour a delicious dinner.
BT: “Vintage flavours, made with refinement, with a retro Italian treatment and style. Add to this great cuisine the beautiful rooms and you have got a real authentic spot.”

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Piazza della Scala 5, 20121 Milan
39 02 80688201
Right in next to the famous Scala, the Trussardi shop also houses a refined, well-known restaurant upstairs, as well as a café on the ground floor that is great for a lunch or a morning cappuccino.
DS: “For the view from the corner table overlooking the staircase of Via Manzoni and Via Filodrammatici.”

Via decembrio, 33, 20137, Milan
39 02 45487032
A few blocks away from the trendy Via Monte Napoleone, U Barba resembles a peaceful haven. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the big communal tables are an opportunity to chat with your neighbors.
FT: “With an old bowling alley where you can still play.”
NT: “A typical little restaurant with a retro bowling alley with a "ligurian angle" behind the Porta Roman.”

MORE MILAN: Lifestyle addresses

Via Silvio Pellico 3, 20121 Milan
39 02 8821 1234
With a great location just next to La Scala, Vun is set in a luxurious and delicate décor, mixing tradition and innovation in Italian cuisine. The essence of Italy!
DS: “Chef Andrea Aprea uses organic ingredients of certified origin where the colours, lighting, shades, designs and the different scents create a harmonious and intimate atmosphere.”

Find the best pizza and pasta in Milan on the next page…

milan-eat-addresses-002.jpgFOR PIZZA

Via S. Pietro all’Orto, 3, 20121 Milan/
39 02 76023155
Established in 1929, A Santa Lucia is a very traditional restaurant in the heart of Milan,just next to the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele. A must!
BT: “Milan’s first pizzeria (established in 1929), with a vintage look and signed photographs by celebrity clients on the walls. You will eat wonderful pizzas in every possible variation.”

Via Castel Morrone, 7, 20129 Milan
39 02 36596810

Here, the crust is so thin that the pizzas are light. This is the little detail (but oh, so important) that makes Brick Oven the number one pizza restaurant for many Milanese. NT: “For thin crust and king size pizzas made with kamut flour, eaten in a minimalist and cosy interior.”

Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 37, 20129 Milan
39 02 29514862

Everybody agrees that this place is one of the best in town to eat a crusty and delicious pizza. With interesting mixes, this is one pizza spot not to miss in Milan!
FET: “For the big, thin-crust, and easily digested pizza. An array of flavours and interesting mixes. You must try the apple and gorgonzola pizza. The restaurant owner is a toughie with a sweet spot. Typical.”


Via Morgagni 8, 20129 Milan
39 02 2047613
This restaurant opened in 1997 and was such a success that today, Milan counts four places run by its owner. For traditional pizzas at very low prices.
DS: “For those who love the authentic Neapolitan pizza with a tender crust.”

Via Mercato, 14, 20121 Milan
39 02 86 46 45 67

The food in this little restaurant is so good that the chef bets on the basic Magharita pizza (tomato sauce and cheese) to get you hooked.
FT: “Because it is small and intimate.”

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Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 71, 20143 Milan
39 02 89 42 39 83

No pizza in sight here. The food is more elaborate and the pastas (coming in a lot of different varieties) are simply to die for.
FT: “The pasta dishes are always a sure hit.”


Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 3, 20149 Milan
39 02 36512177

This restaurant achieved its goal by staying as close as possible to its Mediterranean roots. A great place for enjoying fine seafood dishes.
DS: “Homemade pasta with mussels, clams and seafood.”

Via Ludovico Muratori, 10, 20135 Milan
39 02 5456189
This place serves roman cuisine in the heart of Milan… and it works. Go for the beautiful decor, the great food and the wonderful wine menu. But be sure to reserve a table!
FET: “A Roman bistro where you can try delicious and exquisite dishes such as the "tonnarelli cacio e pepe" (thick spaghetti with cheese and pepper), the authentic "Carbonara" and "Amatriciana", little celeri Tuscia style (Italian region). You must book a table if you want to eat here.”

Via Bernardino Corio, 8, 20135 Milan
39 02 55190020

Pastamadre is a surprising eco-friendly, sustainable café, restaurant and bakery all rolled into one, taking inspiration from the four seasons in their traditional Italian cuisine. Savour it here or take something delicious home.
NT: “Small workshop and restaurant which opened recently: you must go there to try the strictly home-made pasta.”

Get the best bread and pastries in Milan on the next page…

milan-eat-addresses-002.jpgFOR BREAD & PASTRIES


Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4, 20122 Milan
39 02 39811538

Giant cakes, delicious muffins and bagels… A note to those with a sweet tooth: don’t go in, you risk great temptation!
FET: “The best cakes, bagels and cheesecakes. You can also buy adorable little baskets for improvised picnics in the city.”

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Via Tortona 34, 20144 Milan
39 02 8373

It looks like a giant canteen for any occasion, be it for a snack, tea time, or coffee time. You can even buy some goodies when you leave.
FT: “For the versatile atmosphere: bakery, shop and bar.”

Via Santa Radegonda, 16, 20121 Milan
39 02 86461917

Opened in 1949, Luini was at first a bakery providing the hostels and restaurants nearby with fresh bread. Then one day, the owner tried to fry panzerrotti (a filled pastry) like her father used to, and everything changed! It is now the specialty of the house.
DS: “The panzerotti (a filled pastry) are a Milanese must try pastry.”

Via della Moscova 52, Milan
39 02 6599013

A must for having incredible bread and pastries in Milan. While you are here, enjoy the huge windows that allow you to watch what’s going on in the kitchen!
BT: “The best handmade authentic bread in Milan (naturally leavened organic and first quality ingredients). You can eat on an outside terrace.”


Via Giosuè Carducci, 13, 20123 Milan
39 02 8053808

With a publike atmosphere, Bar Magenta is a great bar with an interesting wine and cocktail menu. But as the owner says: "It is not a bar, it is not a pub, it is not a club". Simply a cosy place to spend a wonderful moment.
DS: “Early XXth century (architectural style known in Milan), old chairs and big wooden tables, a large bar like those that used to exist in the old days. This place is for real Milanese people.”

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Via Filippo Turati, 30, 20121 Milan
39 02 62086177

Biancolatte is a good place for something sweet anytime. Go for a coffee or a home-made ice-cream – milk is the key ingredient to everything they make.
FT: “The coffee affogato is very special. They also have an ice cream corner.”

Via Montebello, 7 20121 Milan
39 02 29 01 43 90
The first thing you will notice when you enter are the flowers: they’re everywhere, and they’re also for sale. You can count on the delicious food to satisfy your taste buds.
FET: “An old flower shop that has been transformed into an elegant bistro and café in retro setting that smells like fresh flowers. Very chic and unusual.”


Via Borgogna, 5, 20122 Milan
39 02 76317065

A really luxurious cafe located a few steps away from the busy Corso Venezia. Everything is peaceful and delicate here, it’s the perfect place to go with friends to grab a bite after an intense day of shopping.
NT: “The calm retreat of the "MilanBene": excellent cinnamon cappuccino and butter Kipferl.”

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Corso Matteotti, 7, 20121 Milan
39 02 76 00 05 40

This is a luxurious café, where everything – from the pastries to the tarts – looks incredible. Enjoy your time there either inside or outside, under the archways of Corso Matteotti if you feel like enjoying the Milanese sun.
BT: “One of Milan’s historical cafés, with pleasant rooms and an outdoor space. To try: the chocolate, the mini-croissant and the desserts.”

Discover the best places for tea in Milan on the next page…

milan-eat-addresses-002.jpgFOR TEA TIME

Corso Genova, 1, 20123 Milan
39 02 89 40 97 93

Cucchi is both a bakery and a café with excellent pastries, so be sure to grab one when on the go, or just enjoy the cosy atmosphere and relax with a coffee or a cup of tea.
FT: “For the outdoor tables.”

MORE MILAN: The best BEAUTY addresses

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 20122 Milan

This huge department store is packed with a great selection of designer pieces ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty, home decoration, even gourmet goods and everything else you could imagine. Be sure not to skip the fabulous rooftop café overlooking the Duomo after the hours of shopping you’ll do there!
BT: “A magical place, between the sky and the needle of the gothic cathedral, the Duomo. Plus, it offers a wide tea selection from all over the world.”

Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone, 2, 20122 Milan
39 02 76280856

Taveggia has been greeting tea lovers in a luxurious space for over a century. A few years ago, the new owner decided to transform it into a bakery and restaurant, making it a one-of-a-kind place in Italy. But you can still go for a cup of tea and delicious pastries.
DS: “An old tea room where delicious pastries are served.”


Via Manzoni 31, 20121 Milan
39 02 8883 8888
This hotel is special because of its architecture. The bar, located on the 7th floor of the building, offers an incredible view of Milan. And for those who can’t live without a cigarette, there is a beautiful smoking room, decorated with mirrors.
BT: “Incense perfume (Mr. Armani’s favourite) and a delicate ambiance. The Lounge is perfect for a drink overlooking a splendid view of the city rooftops.”

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Corso Genova, 1, 20123 Milan
39 02 89409793

Cucchi is both a bakery and a café with excellent pastries, so be sure to grab one when on the go, or just enjoy the cosy atmosphere and relax with a coffee or a cup of tea.
NT: “A real must-go to place in the city. This pastry shop is a little shabby with tables on the street. However, it is famous for its "apertitivi" (cocktails) and for the abundance of toasts and hors-d’oeuvres.”

Via Brera, 32, 20121 Milan
39 02.876723

Jamaica has been an iconic place to go in Milan since 1911. Have a drink outside or enjoy a meal on the first floor, there is always something fun going on here.
FT: “Because it is a historical place in Milan.”


Via Tommaso Grossi, 1, 20121 Milan
39 02 8821 1234

The luxury and high standards of the Park Hyatt Hotel are found in the historic heart of Milan, just a few steps away from the Duomo. An elegant and refined setting to enjoy a cappuccino or a snack at any moment.
DS: “In a gallery under a spectacular glass dome. Also perfect for a club sandwich at any time.”

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Corso Garibaldi, 105, 20125 Milan
39 02 6572645

Radetzky Cafe is a trendy place open late at night. You can either become a quiet regular for a coffee during the day, or come back for a drink at night. And if you’re hungry, the kitchen is open at all hours.
FET: “The best place to see and be seen. Very much appreciated by people in fashion and celebrities. The food is excellent.

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Via Plinio, 39, 20129 Milan
39 02 29400580
One of the most ancient (and one of the best) cocktail bars in Milan. Open since 1947, it is very famous and offers a wide selection of cocktails. The masterpiece? The mangiare e bevi (Eat and drink), made of ice cream, fresh fruits and liquor.
BT: “The favourite place -practically a club- of all designers, architects, and all the people from the lifestyle world. During the Automobile Fair, it is the coolest and most packed place. A real club where you can find everybody from celebrities to businessmen and creative people.”

MORE MILAN: The best fashion addresses

Via Caruso 11, 20133 Milan
39 02 02718 990

A fun and trendy club where nobody takes themselves too seriously, with great music and a fabulous crowd.
NT: “You must only go there on Saturdays. You can listen to glamorous music and see fashionistas under 35 there.”


Via Pietrasanta, 16, 20141 Milan
39 02 5393948

Magazzini Generali is a great club that welcomes a different DJ every night, and also hosts many concerts (including famous bands) and events.
FET: “Concerts by famous musicians, DJ sets and parties very much appreciated by people in fashion.”

Piazza Armando Diaz, 1, 20122 Milan
39 02 804837
Next to the Duomo Piazza, Nephenta is a little restaurant and club. Very popular amongst models (famous or not), it is a fun place to be.
FT: “Because it has an ’80s vibe.”

Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milan
39 02 798311
A very trendy cocktail bar and club mixing different styles and influences. It’s such a success, that you can find Nottingham Forest in both Parma and New York.
DS: “There is a 50-page cocktail list!”



Armani Hotel – Via Manzoni 31, 20121 Milan
39 02 8883 8888
This hotel is very special due to its beautiful architecture. The bar, located on the 7th floor of the building offers an incredible view of Milan. And for those who can’t live without a cigarette, there is a beautiful smoking room, decorated with mirrors.
FET: “To enjoy the view over the heart of Milan from dusk until dawn.”

Give yourself a break and head to one of these amazing DESIGNER HOTELS

Corso como 10, 20154 Milan
39 02 29002674
A beautiful concept store where you’ll find everything from the latest fashionable books and designs, to the newest in clothing trends from the biggest international brands. The decor is peaceful with a huge and tranquil coffee shop surrounded by greenery. And if you want to linger, the house offers rooms as well.
DS: “This shop hosts the coolest fashion designers, has a bar-restaurant, an art gallery and a bed & breakfast.”

Via Privata Chiese 2, 20126 Milan
39 02 66111573
An ancient industrial warehouse that was transformed into a modern art centre, Hangar Biocca is more than just that, with children’s workshops, and artistic events.
NT: “An industrial warehouse in Biocca where you can see contemporary art exhibitions, eat like a New Yorker and where children can play.”

Piazza della Scala, 5, 20121 Milan
39 02 80688201
Right in next to the famous Scala, the Trussardi shop also houses a refined, well-known restaurant upstairs, as well as a café on the ground floor that is great for a lunch or a morning cappuccino.
FT: “For the star chef.”
BT: “The best of the high-end gastronomic experiences. There, you will taste wonderful dishes created by a Michelin star chef, Andrea Berton.”

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milan-eat-addresses-002.jpgDISHES NOT TO MISS

Via Laura Solera Mantegazza, 2, 20121 Milan
39 02 65 42 04
Near the Moscova area, Al Matarel is a very intimate restaurant where you can enjoy fine Italian food, especially their renowned risotto!

Via Mauro Macchi, 2, 20124 Milan
39 02 66 93 174

Until 2011, it was a very traditional Italian restaurant, and then the new owner refurbished it and gave it new life, decorating it with beautiful paintings. A must if you like fine food and modern art… and risotto.
BT: “Featuring an internal room attached to a garden, a place with a ’50s feel, an old Milanese style that has now become a rarity. Adorable.”

Via Laura Solera Mantegazza 2, 20121 Milan.
Near the Moscova area, Al Matarel is a really intimate restaurant where you can discover fine Italian food, and their cotoletta alla Milanese, of course.

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At Dammatra, Via Elia Lombardini, 1, 20143 Milan
39 02 58111224
It is a bit far from the centre of Milan but it’s really worth the trip. Go for the veal or pork chops alla Milanese.
DS: “Either pork or veal chops cooked the traditional way with or without a breadcrumb crust.”

Via Alberto Nota 47, 20126 Milan
39 02 6433327

The decor of this restaurant is definitely eclectic, with an array of decorative items coming from all over the world. This is a great place to go if you want to feel like you’re having dinner at home. And their fried rice is incredible!
NT: “Go to have a taste of Milanese cuisine in a historical place but also for the cabaret. Do not miss the fried rice.”


FET: “The premiere of La Scala (great season for the bicentennial of Verdi-Wagner) and the historical event on St. Ambrose’s day. It is a very important autumn event for Milanese high society (and everybody else in Milan).”

“The premiere of La Scala and an event organized by the Lovers. The “lovers" are girls who organize events such as little markets, concerts and brunches in different places each time.”

“The vernissage of the exhibition of vintage pieces in the Galleria Nilufar. The best in historical design, extraordinary and impossible-to-find pieces. A real gem for lifestyle lovers.”

DS: “Hearst Fashion Box: when every fashion show is broadcast live on TV with the comments of ELLE journalists.”

NT: “Milan Film Festival Feature where you can watch films and short films produced by emerging talents, mostly from Milan. Every year in September.”

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