Be a pro at London’s mannerisms and fit right in with the crowd. ELLE editors from ELLE UK give their best lifestyle advice with tips from:

Lorraine CandyEditor in Chief of ELLE UK

Anne-Marie CurtisFashion Director of ELLE UK

Marissa BourkeCreative Director of ELLE UK – and the ELLE UK Art Team

Susan Ward DaviesTravel Editor of ELLE UK

Emma StrennerBeauty Director of ELLE UK

Suzanne Scott Beauty Writer of ELLE UK

Georgia CollinsDeputy Beauty Editor of ELLE UK 

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Typical words, phrases or attitudes when entering a restaurant/shop

BT: “Hello”. There is no new way of saying these things in London.


“Hi”, this is the standard greeting.

“Hello”: this is the typical friendly greeting

Typical words, phrases or attitudes when leaving a restaurant/shop


A-MC: “Thank you, bye bye”

“Bye”, this is the most used formula.

SWD: “Bye, see you later”: it is the typical friendly goodbye

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Typical words, phrases or attitudes when saying Hello to someone you know

BT: “Hi”


“Hey”, this is the most used formula.

“Hi, it’s so good to see you”: it is the typical familiar greeting.

Typical words, phrases or attitudes when greeting someone

“Give a hug. We’re getting friendlier in London by the minute, only a sincere hug will do!”

“2 kisses”.

MB: “A kiss on the cheek. It is polite and friendly.”

SWD: “One kiss on the cheek and say ‘Hi, how are you?": It is the standard friendly greeting.

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Trendy words/expressions

BT: “Totes”, which means “totally”.

A-MC: “Everyone is putting "super" in front of adjectives ie: super-amazing, super-cool. Or they use the word “Amaze”.

“The abbreviations like lol etc… It is really casual.”

“Totes, amaze”: Taken from the popular TV show "The Only Way is Essex"

The biggest don’ts

BT: “Limp handshakes. Handshakes should be firm and purposeful – there’s nothing worse than a limp handshake.”

“Don’t be rude.”

“A kiss on the lips. It is inappropriate.”

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london-lifestyle-tips-0014444.jpgTRAVELLING TIPS & TRENDS

How to pack and what luggage to use

BT: “Go for an overnight suitcase. It will normally fit in the over-head luggage compartment meaning no queuing at baggage claim at the other end.”

A-MC: “Carry-on Louis Vuitton.”

MB: “A hand luggage because it is minimal.”

“Go for a Tumi Tegralite. A cool retro trunk look, very light, a lot of room and easy to wheel around.”

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The best travel outfit

BT: “A pair of skinny jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, Converse sneakers and the largest carry-on bag you can get away with. Comfort without sacrificing style.”

A-MC: “A cashmere scarf, a pair of sunglasses.”

“A cashmere blanket and a hoody for comfort.”

“A pair of cargo pants, a Twenty8Twelve T-shirt with a khaki fine cotton shirt.”

The must-have items on the plane

BT: “An iPod and a Kindle. If the in-flight movies are rubbish your iPod and kindle are the only things to get you through the flight.”

A-MC: “A book, some water and a face cream.”

MB: “A pair of cashmere socks for comfort.”

“A Kindle, a Macbook, a Bliss moisturizer, an Evian spray, a pashmina.”


Beauty tips to look fresh upon arrival

BT: “In-flight mini facial and facial spritz. We make the most of the time in the sky with a mini facial. We massage Clarins Blue Orchid oil into skin and apply a mask like Sisley Black Orchid that doesn’t need washing off. Then top it off with a hydrating gel/crème like Carita Lagoon Cream and keep our skin hydrated by misting it regularly with the likes of Caudalie Beauty Elixir.”

A-MC: “Wear a pair of sunglasses.”

MB: “Drink water on the plane. It will keep you looking and feeling fresh.”

SWD: “Cleanse and moisturize throughout the flight. Drink lots of water.”

How to beat jetlag

BT: “Work through it. We try not to give in to sleep preferring to power through – otherwise it takes days to adjust.”

A-MC: “Take a swim and have a massage.”

“Stay up! You’ll feel worse if you keep snoozing!”

“Stay up really late the night before flying. Don’t keep regular hours. If you don’t sleep at the same time every night, you barely notice jetlag.”

What to drink & eat on the plane

BT: “Drink lots and lots of water and be careful of what you eat. Flying can leave us (and our skin) massively dehydrated and it messes with digestion so drink a lot of water and be careful to avoid stodgy foods.”

“Drinking some green tea will stop you bloating.”

“Take your own food. It is a good way to stay healthy.”

“If you’re lucky enough to get upgraded, drink lots of champagne. You won’t care about the turbulence at 50,000 feet.”

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